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Museum of tomb figure of Xuzhou Chinese military forces holds tomb figure hole t
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Author: Wang Ying Yi releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-11   article: Chinese archaeology net

On December 19, 2007, bureau of Jiangsu province cultural relic held hole of tomb figure of Han Bing horse to prevent expert of ooze consolidate project to check and accept appraisal to meet in museum of tomb figure of Xuzhou Chinese military forces, attend the meeting institute of institute of Chinese cultural relic, archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Jiangsu saves museum of cultural relic bureau, Nanjing, Xuzhou the concerned expert of museum of tomb figure of Han Bing horse.
On the meeting, experts listened to museum of tomb figure of Xuzhou Chinese military forces to prevent museum of ooze consolidate, Nanjing to protect plan design, appropriate to promote about tomb figure hole too the lake prevents ooze consolidate the report of process of reparative company construction. Inspect the current situation after understanding tomb figure hole to prevent ooze consolidate, to the discussion that the design of the project and construction undertook.
Experts think consistently: The design plan that tomb figure hole defends ooze consolidate is sound, construction technology line is clear, the method is feasible. Prevented the osmosis of groundwater effectively, put an end to the seeper inside hole.
At the same time the expert also offerred a proposal to the project, report of the protects plan design, construction to build record work out that perfects tomb figure hole for instance, compensatory complete and undertake detail is handled, pay close attention to the current situation of tomb figure hole and change closely, do good observation record to wait.
Bequest of culture of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences protects a research centerKing grand dayAttended the meeting on behalf of archaeology institute.

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