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Prehistoric archaeology lab and hold tea party of the 10 or 20 days following Lu
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Author: Time releases when Yi: Provenance of 2008-01-28   article: Chinese archaeology net

A cup of boiled water, one desk refreshments, endless speech, the atmosphere of joyous Yue. On January 25, the crew that lab of archaeology of archaeology place prehistoric is in Beijing and leave retired old pal old expert one case from this lab, tea party of 2008 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day was held in the 7 buildings assembly room of prehistoric archaeology lab.
Of prehistoric archaeology lab old in 3 generation take an examination of blueness the ancients is together, everybody is round do obeisance to have an informal discussion, mutual chat cheerfully is sent his respects to. Everybody talks the past of lab, recall in those days old hear, the cool breeze of word elder, appraise present job, say the situation that face, introduce the new discovery of respective archaeology team and task setting, collective and consultative the development a major programme of lasting importance henceforth, if studying with prehistoric archaeology task and everybody care jointly, the problem is a center, the precious opinion of old experts and earnest proposal were heard on the meeting.
Attend the old pal of coze, have an octogenarian still the old expert with hale and hearty spirit is Ren Shinan of Xie Duanju of Wu Ruzun, old chairman, old strong point, old Du Yusheng of banyan of Han of expert Hu Binghua, old expert, old expert, old expert, they still hold to a pen not to stop n cultivated land, even some still holds to forward position of afield a gleam of, continue to make contribution for archaeology. As a result of,still have many old expert a few reasons, can not attend a meeting, but in young colleague, still worrying these old experts. Wish old gentlemen are healthy! Spirit is happy! Old age happiness! At the same time everybody also can'ts help the gentlemen with deep-felt deceased yearning.
On coze, country of constitution of new chairman teacher pays a New Year call to everybody old experts, to everybody old experts reported lab in recent years the job and achievement, the task program that reported lab reachs each group and faced difficulty and good luck. Special the opinion that puts forward to want to listen to old experts well. Be willing to be in for old experts the needs us to help problem that the life encounters in medium, writing, offer care and help. Assistant director Chen Xingcan also specially will attend tea party, bring the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day to bless to old experts.
Want in those days, an Zhimin, Shi Xingbang, Tong Zhuchen... , the name of these reverberate like thunder, make a vainglorious title of prehistoric archaeology lab already, engrave on the historical monument of prehistoric archaeology lab. Also imprint in Chinese prehistoric likewise in the annals of course of development of archaeology of archaeological, China!
Did not cross copolymerization of such two generation person a lot of years hurried genu, although be the box meal with small feed only, old experts still sigh with emotion, wish of one room new one generation, continue to carry on in those days imposing manner, maintain former brave to go to, do not be afraid of difficulty, hard act vigorously is entered. Below the new condition of new period, junior people determination should rise chase, ceaseless enterprising, the job lab obtains the new development with bigger more, let old experts be at ease.
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