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"The 4th south China and conference of learning of international of research of
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Author: Liu Guoxiang releases time: Provenance of 2008-02-24   article: Chinese archaeology net

In November 2007 21-22 day, "The 4th south China and conference of learning of international of research of culture of adjacent area ancient time " hold in Hong Kong, this congress is sponsorred by research center of art of archaeology of China of institute of culture of China of university of Hong Kong Chinese, history of university of Hong Kong Chinese is assist do, many 40 scholar that comes from and other places of chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, Vietnam, Russia, United States attends on invitation. This the theme of congress is " archaic Hong Kong and East Asia " , the topic for discussion that discusses mainly is " jade 玦 and white pottery origin " .
Wang Wei of director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences's researcher led a group to attend this plenary meeting on invitation, and with " the new trend that China civilization origin studies and new progress " make a speech to inscribed a theme. King strong point is opposite above all the near future trend that China civilization origin studies made a system comb, introduced China civilization origin to consider mainly then (the first phase) main gains, the problem that points out China civilization origin considers to exist finally and main understanding difference. King strong point thinks, in China civilization genetic, in forming the research with inchoate development, take system of social become divided, grade, influence seriously to constitute the level that waits for system culture relatively, what safeguard king weight to want a tool to regarding as is the research that civilized to regarding as origin is formed and the development change of the economy of the main base of development and engineering technology, change to climate environment and human activity and civilized gradual progress concern, ideological, " ceremony " form, development. In speak of when how should exploring China civilization origin to form the setting with inchoate development and reason, wang Suo grows to point out clearly, ought to be civilized origin at least to each areas above all earlier, prehistoric culture and society relatively the civilization of the area that develop changes process and its setting and reason to undertake study, discuss the correlation between each area crowds and its culture then. On this foundation, the origin that will discuss the China civilization that serves as a whole again, form the process with inchoate development and its setting and reason. Look from existing data, the civilization of each areas changes a process to have general character already, individualize again. Various places is not mutual isolation, existing however the connection of countless ties. We the task henceforth, on the foundation that should study in heretofore namely, from microcosmic and macroscopical the gradual progress process that two levels go to exploring China culture and its setting and reason. Research needs a case that need continues to have development to each areas more much discipline is united in wedlock, much angle, much flank, all-around integrated research, still need civilization of as other as the world ancient time to undertake comparative. Only such, enough more comprehensive, accurate, thorough land understands ability the characteristic of China civilization and distinctive development road and mechanism, make Chinese scholar's due contribution for the research of human civilization gradual progress then. After the speech ends, the problem that king strong point still cares with respect to scholar attending the meeting refers answer. This place attends this plenary meeting together still have state of constitution of teacher of director of prehistoric archaeology lab Liu Guoxiang of lab of archaeology of nation of Xu Hong of director of lab of archaeology of researcher, Xia Shangzhou's researcher, border area's deputy researcher, 3 scholars part with " white pottery of area of mouth of annulus Pearl River and Ji Jiyuan of ancient painted pottery source " , " get together those who fall to see dynasty of Central Plains of 2 within times with sacrificial vessel place is arisen reach conformity " , " the current situation that origin of Chinese jade culture studies and foreground.
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