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Archaeology place is held " young learning forum "
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Author: Guo Wu releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-28   article: Chinese archaeology net

On January 16, 2008, archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences considers to be in historiography piece hall of 8 buildings report held the 2nd successfully " forum of learning of archaeology place youth " . Forum is chaired by Chen Xingcan's assistant director.

The Wang Hui that is center of science and technology above all with " ancient landforms of area of the upper reaches in river of Henan double Ji rebuilds and get together the research that falls to concern with the environment " make a report for the problem. Main content is ancient to studying an area landforms rebuild, it is additionally from get together fall to study with the angle of environment person ground concerns. Process of accumulation of river of area of river valley of area of the upper reaches in discovering double Ji river through research ends in late Pleistocene evening, mesa begins to form, but opposite height is not great; Do not be later than BC before 8500, new the river valley that erodes began accumulation process again; In be apart from today 5000 around, exceeded the stage ground of terrace leading edge for a time, this process continues to period of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, but the river did not cause apparent effect to terrace tailing edge; Since the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, next the river is fast cutting, cut be as deep as more than meters 10.

Below the big setting that in this local district ancient landforms changes, area of the upper reaches in river of Henan double Ji wears two kinds to get together in existence of The Neo-lithic Age fall distributinging mode. In period of culture of hillock of a surname plum, great majority gets together fall distributing in the area of low hill hill western, and arrived Yangshao culture reachs his the following phase, get together fall to basically distributing the area of river valley Campagna in the eastpart part, show remarkable repeated usage. This kind gets together fall the variation that the change of distributinging mode and resource use pattern is concerned, the space that configures with the resource in area environment distributings inseparable. Get together so just about fall the requirement that the rich condition all round cannot satisfy new natural resources to use pattern, just bring about area to get together fall the change of configuration. Because this rich has the double quality of culture attribute and natural attribute. Carry this research, can discover, environmental action depends on the choice of human culture, is not the culture feature with specific environmental specific generation; With the environment interactive means formed the ancients understanding and the kind that understand an environment, and the kind that this is affected further again or restricting the ancients and environment to interact. The distributinging state of bread mode of the mankind and resource is deciding those who fall to get together jointly distributinging mode. Human choice must be a foundation with the ambient conditions at that time, culture selected the culture attribute of rich, and the characteristic of area landforms, climate and the natural attribute that its change to affecting these resource again, environment passes what will reflect to the influence of these resource namely to the action of human activity. Yuan Jing's researcher commented on a report for the report, the very important facet in pointing out the research of pair of ancient landforms is archaeology of science and technology, it is academic blank spot, also be growing point of a learning. Especially a relics the landforms all round at that time how, the economic configuration of the person that lives in this relics to understanding ancient time today, ideology has very great help.
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