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The 4th East Asia is archaeological congress is held in Beijing
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-06-12   article: Chinese archaeology net

Came 5 days on June 3, 2008, the 4th East Asia is archaeological congress at be in Beijing institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is held, congress is held jointly by bureau of collaboration of international of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and archaeology institute, share more than 200 scholar that comes from and other places of country and the Hong Kong such as England, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Israel and China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan to attend.

East Asia is archaeological congress is society of East Asia archaeology (The Society For East Asian Archaeology, SEAA) the international meeting that fixed organization holds. The first what was in the United States 1996 is Hawaiian hold, after this every 4 years. East Asia archaeology learns to held water 1996, its tenet is to strengthen worldwide inside the academic communication between the scholar that studies East Asia area is archaeological, and archaeological communicate with the connection between other and relevant course and information, archaeological research and culture bequest protect area of stimulative East Asia the development of the career. Have formal member at present more than 100, included the west to be engaged in East Asia the almost all and principal learned man of archaeological research. The swift and violent development that accompanying career of archaeology of East Asia area in recent years and the many emerge in large numbers that study positive result, the scholar that comes from country and the area such as China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, Taiwan is participated in increasingly among them. East Asia archaeology learned to become the East Asia on international now archaeological research is the most influential the academic organization of force.
This, the by a definite date that Beijing holds the 4th East Asia of 3 days is archaeological on congress, the comparison of inchoate and complex society studies East Asia and the paleolith of East Asia of scholastic put up with that comes from afore-mentioned countries, world, bequest of archaeology of interactive, East Asia is protected between the area of prehistoric of archaeology of islands of the metallurgy of Eurasia and society, East Asia, East Asia and historical period, south of Chinese the Bronze Age, China and archaeology of southeast Asia prehistoric. The heat theory problem in field of archaeological research of current East Asia and even world including already in these tasks, also have pair of East Asia the abstraction of achievement of regional archaeology work inside the area and reveal.
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