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Archaeology institute is held " grind high forum "
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Author: Time of cloth of tall research and development: Provenance of 2008-02-15   article: Chinese archaeology net

On January 16, 2008 morning, institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is held " grind high forum " , come from lab of this place prehistoric archaeology, Xiashang respectively 4 scholars of lab of week archaeology lab, Han Tang archaeology and lab of archaeology of border area nation are ordinal speech, scholar of expert of place inside and outside and the graduate student with professional archaeology of partial capital inside and outside in all 100 more than person attends, forum is chaired by Wang Wei's director.

Before forum begins, king strong point is held to archaeology institute " grind high forum " academic purpose, meaning, hold means to reach how to declare speech title to waited for a content to undertake defining. King strong point emphasizes, through holding " grind high forum " , aim to drive archaeological division to build, stimulative learning communicates, atmosphere of the learning inside dynamic place, henceforth " grind high forum " a when regard archaeology as the institute important learning activity gives hold to, divide summer, winter every year twice to undertake, hope this place grinds high to attend eagerly, prepare selection of subject seriously, encourage sex of the look up before the choice has science and the title that inspire a gender especially, want to pay attention to learning to study content itself not only, still should clarify the purpose of selection of subject, meaning and academic research train of thought, make thereby audience especially young scholar is inspired, widen learning studies further train of thought, increase integrated research and the capacity that analyse a problem.

The first speechmaker is country of Fu Xian of prehistoric archaeology lab researcher, his speech title is " the white pottery of area of mouth of annulus Pearl River and Ji Jiyuan of ancient painted pottery source " . Teach constitution country the gentleman thinks, the white pottery of medium-term of The Neo-lithic Age that area of mouth of annulus Pearl River discovers and ancient painted pottery, it is one of topics that academia pays close attention to extensively and discuss ardently all the time. Before in research, academia thinks generally, culture of white pottery of medium-term of The Neo-lithic Age of area of mouth of annulus Pearl River and ancient painted pottery and culture of lower level of city of black of area of lake of hole front courtyard, soup home hillock and big brook culture are existing close relationship. But, new archaeology discovery and more and more archaeology evidence make clear, culture of the tall temple culture that the white pottery of area of mouth of annulus Pearl River and ancient painted pottery come from region of Hunan Yuan current more likely, loose brook mouth and ever since all archaeological culture involuntary discharge of urine are put. As to culture of metaphase of The Neo-lithic Age of area of mouth of annulus Pearl River and lake of Hunan hole front courtyard or Yuan current region Zhu Wen changes the way of communication or channel, the past or think mountain of river of Hunan of go against the river, Vietnam enters Pearl River delta; Or think classics Yuan water, over- Liuzhou, into waterside river, on the west river, amount to Pearl River delta. But, in recent years the archaeology discovery that Guangxi makes the same score relics of hill of foot of the stone austral peace of hill of happy gauze cap makes clear, reach Guilin by Yuan water, classics Li river, laurel river, on the west river, to Pearl River delta this canalage, should be at present place knows prehistoric of the the earliest, clearest Yuan current region the main avenue of area of estuarine of culture Da Zhizhu or passageway.
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