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Wang Wei, Chen Xingcan interviews delegacy of American Bi Shipu museum
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-05-16   article: Chinese archaeology net

On May 13 by Zhang Si (Timothy Johns) the American Bi Shipu that curator is colonel (Bishop Museum) 16 person comes museum delegacy group archaeology place visit. Wang Wei's director, Chen Xingcan's assistant director is interviewed. Wang Wei's director welcomes a guest ardently to arrive on behalf of archaeology place above all visit, introduced the particular case of archaeology place and the stress that develop in recent years to study a task. Zhang Si curator introduced the particular case of Bi Shipu museum and the research that begin to work. Both sides still did not begin cooperative possibility to undertake friendly communicating. Finally, by Chen Xingcan assistant director is accompanied visited showroom of archaeology place cultural relic.

Museum of Hawaiian Bi Shipu founds the United States 1889, it is the United States collects the museum with as anthropologic as research Pacific Area, archaeology and natural the greatest history. The project that develops collaboration with China at present includes archaeology research, exhibition and personnel communication to wait.

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