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Lab of summerly business week goes to relics of Yin Dynasty ruins to have academ
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-05-08   article: Chinese archaeology net

On April 28, 2008 - 29 days, personnel of business of collectivity of lab of summerly business week and partial graduate student go to relics of Yin Dynasty ruins of the workstation that install this world to have academic delibrate activity. This second activity regards Xia Shangzhou as lab year activity, basically undertake the spot view and emulate of building site and concentration discuss installing in relief Yin Dynasty ruins to disentomb with happy garden archaeology. Archaeology disentombs announced to be opposite continuously the road of area of little village palace, road surface is broad, and classics for many times matting, there is many rut on, most rut shows parallel trend, but also rut has the tendency that intersect. Still discovered many tamper tract additionally building radical location, arrange orderly. And grave, grey hole, well, grey channel vestigial. In indoor delibrate, the important learning meaning that everybody affirms adequately to this road network discovers, think this is capital gets together fall the revolutionary progress below archaeology concept guidance. This spot view and emulate widened everybody's eye shot with centralized discussion, widened train of thought, obtained expectant result.

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