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Yang Xiao can make a problem be " Chinese ancient time is painterly history arch
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Author: Bai Xuesong releases time: Provenance of 2008-05-21   article: Chinese archaeology net

Vision of Cantor of American Stanford university is artistic on May 20 central researcher Yang Xiao can the doctor makes learning report in archaeology place on invitation. The title of the report is " Chinese ancient time is painterly history archaeological observation " . Wang Wei's researcher chairs a seminar, come from researcher of place inside and outside 20 much person attended a seminar.
Poplar Xiao Nengbo person the angle from archaeological research, the material of mural of many ancient time that discovers to archaeology had thorough analysis and research, discuss ancient time to draw further history. He thinks, from archaeological research proceed with studies ancient time brushwork history will be henceforth the only way that brushwork history studies ancient time. After the meeting, yang Xiao can the question that the doctor still answered concern a scholar.

Finally, wang Wei's researcher makes summary make a speech. He affirmed Yang Xiao adequately above all can the research that doctoral place has works, think its use archaeology data to study ancient time the theory of brushwork history and method, it is a very good inspiration to archaeology worker and archaeological research work. The expert scholar that add invites afterwards to learn domestic and internationally to grow somewhat after the hope comes the academic report that archaeology place makes Gao Shuiping, welcome everybody to attend.

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