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Prehistoric archaeology lab arrives distant east Dalian is small bead hill relic
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Author: Jin Yingxi, Gu Xiaobing releases time: Provenance of 2008-06-23   article: Chinese archaeology net

Came 26 days on May 21, 2008, dalian of past Liaoning province is small before the partial comrade of member of prehistoric archaeology lab and lab of summerly business week relics of bead hill shell mound disentombs building site has academic delibrate activity. This the activity is one of year learning activities of prehistoric archaeology lab, inspected the relics of prehistoric of wide deer island with Dalian coastal Yellow Sea, basically be in small of bead hill relics disentomb spot discussion is small the principal port that bead hill relics disentombs, discuss the property of shell mound relics, and undertake comparative to the shell mound relics of different area and country, those who put forward shell mound relics is different disentomb method and a variety of channel that get information.

Small bead hill relics, as northeast inferior relics of typical shell mound of The Neo-lithic Age, the economic mode that the conch accumulation of relics gives priority to with economy of fishing and hunting to study The Neo-lithic Age of northward islands area and life mode provide important clue. Location of the room site that relics discovered each period, grey hole, field kitchen, came up out of land crockery, stone implement, jade article, bone object, mussel implement wait for hangover and skeleton of a large number of conch, animal. Among them, in distant east the site that the peninsula discovered to bone object treatment is concerned first, it recovers from an illness to considering to mix division of labor of this area society and productivity development level provided important basis. This learning activity, experienced not congenial prehistoric relics, abounded the understanding of appearance of culture of new to northeast area stone vessel, achieved the goal of this second learning activity.

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