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Manchu autonomous county begins Feng Ning the 3rd times seriously census of coun
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Author: Yang Bai becomes release time: Provenance of 2008-07-16   article: Chinese archaeology net

Try hard difficultly to what will pass by a definite date 50 days on June 30 from May 10, 2008, work of the first phases has ended the general investigation of field cultural relic of abundant peaceful county, feng Ning shares 26 villages and towns, complete the general investigation of 10 villages and towns, indoor arrange the job to be finished basically already also. This cultural relic census works, the working policy with firm branch of cultural relic of combinative state, province, city. Prefectural census does arrangement deploy each job of census, made the working plan of close science, there is specific aim to undertake grooming to census team member before census job is begun, raised taller requirement to census team member. Additionally height of government of abundant peaceful county takes census of this second cultural relic seriously, allot each villages and towns to reach concerned section with the form of governmental document. In the eve that census job begins, prefectural government is held again touch a mass rally, ask it is each villages and towns, good that each are done hammer and tongs about the branch coordinate the work, ensure census job is begun smoothly. Bureau of sports of culture of abundant peaceful county and institute of government of cultural relic protection are in to registering book the material that cultural relic burns undertook meticulous classification is arranged, provided control cultural relic clue.
This census distributes census line into 3 maniple in all, include special subject of a paleolith to survey a group among them. Census does the working limits to every team, join the division of labor of place made definite arrangement, mature census team member is in the element of the respect such as experience of intellectual structure, age, sexual distinction, work, science established census team.
Although have 50 days only, but team member went to be equivalent to ferial li of distance of half an year, especially Feng Ning county is an a mountainous area area is very large place, a lot of places do not have road, hill tall slope is steep, it is a massive trial to the volition of census team member and physical strength, often cannot have a meal on time, even one day can eat hot meal only, drink without hot water, often work in the evening at 9 o'clock, later even, rise in the morning the following day, everybody still brace up, did not complain, did not shrink back, in attacking to work directly. All team member are in line model " read 10 thousand books, row 10 thousand lis of roads " below encouragement, of serious effort finished the job.
Work difficultly through 50 days of field, census achievement is more outstanding, achieve basically expect an end.
The quantity of cultural relic check the number of new discovery increases considerably: This census in all new discovery 97 place, among them paleolith is 14 place, ancient relics location of 65 place, kiln is 6 place, ancient grave 11 place, hoard 1 place. Discovers new clew amount big, quality is tall, phyletic much, disentomb gave Feng Ning county more historical culture connotation. The census circumstance of this one phase shows, contain coulds there be in abundant prefectural cultural relic not only the amount is quite substantial, and phyletic and various.
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