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Professor Deng Cong undertakes in place where troops are stationed of my place L
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Author: Zhao Haitao releases time: Provenance of 2008-06-23   article: Chinese archaeology net

In May 2008 19 ~ 31 days, to finish " project of source of China civilization explore (2) " concerned task, should I am invited, a 4 people such as director of research center of art of archaeology of China of university of Hong Kong Chinese Professor Deng Cong are opposite in division of Luoyang, cease 2 within relics comes up out of land jade, stone implement undertook craft learn to make an on-the-spot investigation.
On May 30 afternoon, invite what in me week of place summer business takes an examination of ancient lab, Han Tang to take an examination of ancient lab and Luoyang workstation jointly and organize, professor Deng Cong did learning to report in cease division, the title of the report is " archaeological microcosmos " . Seminar by Xia Shangzhou lab director Xu Hong's researcher is chaired, what I am stationed in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces each team fine of Nai of university of museum of division of staff member and bureau of cultural relic of Henan cease division, cease, Nanjing, Japan is national the nearly 20 people such as researcher of culture money institute attend.
Professor Deng Cong is expert of research of technology of treatment of famous jade, stone implement. In lecture, he studies the practice of jade article craft for years according to oneself, showed meticulous in a subtle way to study the result of jade article to everybody with vivid example. He is used contemporary take a picture to make and use a mark of surface of technical observation jade article, combine the method of experimental archaeology, in jade article treatment craft and the research respect of use method advanced a lot of convincing main creative idea. He passes what relics of depression to Han Xinglong of Inner Mongolia Ao, flourishing channel discovers to be apart from today the machines a trace observation that the 玦 before 8000 acts the role of, the trace contrast that after using test of crystal of arenaceous rope cut, jade article with oneself, stays is analysed, the line cut technology that offers the jade article before 8000 is already mature, use thousands of years in continuance of Chinese vast area, it is the jade article processing technique with Chinese prehistoric and historical main period; Through be opposite flourishing relics of depression, flourishing channel comes up out of land the analysis of jade 玦 circumstance, combinative people learns to investigate, to jade 玦 adorn the method offers reliable view; Through be opposite 2 within relics comes up out of land of Yu Yue, Shi Dao trace above take a picture observation, put forward to use honest opinion of the method to its. Speech is last, deng Cong is tuitional the question that still answered to concern a scholar.
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