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Archaeology place runs 2008 year successfully (the summer) young forum
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Author: The Office of Science and Technology releases time: Provenance of 2008-07-21   article: Chinese archaeology net

In archaeology institute integrated office building reports hall held 2008 year eightfold on July 15, 2008 afternoon (the summer) seminar of young forum learning, each lab researcher and main branch are in charge of archaeology place the comrade all attended a seminar. The seminar is chaired by Chen Xingcan's assistant director, speaker is Liu Yu, Wang Xiaomei, Han Jianhua and Liu Bin respectively.
The speech title of Liu Yu of research center of test of archaeology science and technology is " complication production - - Tao Fanzhu of junior trader bronze ware makes technological process " . The report passes bronze ware of pair of junior trader period and casting copper hangover make an on-the-spot investigation, analysis and research, the design of the choice that recovered from an illness to include modelling material and preparation, casting mould and make, of alloy make up with fusion, pouring figuration arrives after casting the technological process that the Taofan of junior trader bronze ware of each link such as treatment casts, long already to a lot of circulating explain undertook li Qing Dynasty, edit or be to make good omissions, of the Chan in building profile to expect for instance and makings use, of slimy core make, the use of decorative pattern moulage is waited a moment. Offerred brand-new view to fusion tool, pointing out true frit copper tool should be the reverse side has for arenaceous qualitative surface multilayer the crucible that copper becomes rusty, what add hot means to undertake alloy outside be used in the kiln of a similar contented kiln that close is fused, and the kiln wall relic that the relic that considers as forge before is this kiln actually. Consider to make clear, of bronze ware in that way single trade finishs cast unlike crockery, bone object, jade article independently, however system of two old techniques - - the organic tie that makes Tao Hejin belong to smelt metal casting, both sides suits each other, the result that adjusts ceaselessly. Each link of flow of foundry technology of bronze ware of Yin Dynasty ruins already all entered standardization, reach higher level. Of crop of the amplification that Yin Dynasty ruins casts dimensions of course of study, bronze ware rise considerably, it is to build pilot of the standardization in technological process, craft on strict sex foundation. Must rely on manage at strict organization, ability finishs each branches between harmonious, make of bronze ware complication manufacturing process is able to come true. The craft that Taofan casts Chinese the Bronze Age chooses, it is the loess environment with China is reached to it closely related the corresponding excellent technology that make a surname.
The speech title of plum of dawn of king of research center of culture bequest protection is " the point of view that protects from culture bequest sees relics -- with An Yang Yin Dynasty ruins is exemple " . Yin Dynasty ruins is person of every China archaeology's familiar relics, her report protects the point of view of program division from bequest of a culture, will introduce Yin Dynasty ruins the protection of bequest of such relics type culture and benefit manoeuvre, method, logic and principle. Report cent is 4 parts. The value of the bequest of type of relics of China of introduction of the first part, amount, characteristic and basic protection state; The 2nd part, to the protection of relics from macroscopical perspective strategy did an analysis, introduce the link such as construction of park of punish of overall protection program, environment, relics and protection of accessary cultural relic respectively, on the foundation of the characteristic that sum up and analysed bequest of all sorts of relics culture, introduced the relics park of 4 kinds of different pattern, namely mode of tourist attraction of area of mode of urban greenbelt mode, culture park mode, garden of historical culture agriculture, scene; The 3rd part, introduced Yin Dynasty ruins from microcosmic angle vestigial protection and the diversification skill that show place to use, introduced other all sorts of commonly used vestigial protection methods, the revealed the effect to discuss all sorts of technique actor of low quality that protects principle and reality with current cultural relic; The 4th part, main treat of the concept sex problem such as relics protection and the logic that in revealing, reflect and the principle that follow. The report puts forward what in relics is protected and be being revealed, exist to be with historical logic direct and be with uptodate logic oriented two kinds of trends, discussed each facets of relics valuation, relics protects the principle of the authenticity that place must abide by and integrality, and a certain number of problems that relics protection plans to must be solved. The report still emphasized finally archaeological the value that the main effect in relics protection and archaeology worker more share relics to protect a program to work.
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