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Archaeology place runs 2008 year successfully (the summer) grind high forum
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Author: The Office of Science and Technology releases time: Provenance of 2008-07-17   article: Chinese archaeology net in archaeology institute integrated office building reports hall held 2008 year eightfold on July 15, 2008 morning (the summer) grind high forum learning seminar, each lab researcher and main branch are in charge of archaeology place the comrade all attended a seminar. The seminar is chaired by Bai Yunxiang's assistant director, speaker is Feng Shi, Tang Jigen, Zhao Chao and Liu Jianguo respectively.
Feng Shi above all " 2 within culture ' constant Zhan ' research " did a theme to report, the turquoise dragon form that comes up out of land around 2 within relics mainly implement property and have dragon look implement the identity of grave host spreads out discuss; The theme that Tang Jigen makes a speech is " see business from grave of Yin Dynasty ruins acting organism " , the report is passed build database of grave of Yin Dynasty ruins, undertake data is analysed, offerred the new view of acting to business organism; Zhao Chao with " grave form makes Tang Dynasty with Tang Dynasty ceremony " for the problem, pass the analysis of pair of many grave data, make to Tang Dynasty ceremony undertook study; Report title of Liu Jianguo is " archaeology remote sensing and the new progress that GIS studies " , basically introduced remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS) wait for the application of science and technology in archaeological research. The thematic speech of speaker caused the wide attention of the person that attend the meeting, everybody spread out in succession around the speech query and discuss, through be being discussed each other, mutual communication, extended academic eye shot, active academic atmosphere.
Grind high this enthusiastic and friendly, content is extensive and forum seminar aura is deep, promoted everybody to think to archaeological theory and method further not only, also be the scientific research job of my place will offer new perspective henceforth. ■ return

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