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Cultural Perspective Jing Chuan Da Yun Temple written on the occasion of the com
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Looking back in history: Temple Prime brilliant  reproduction of a large cloud

6 years ago, the fall season, our reporter Xu dimension in his long communication "cast aside years of dust" in the deep feeling, wrote: "the harvest season, Jing is the golden river, people's dreams are golden, Da Yun Temple Museum of the future more bright as gold. I hope dreams come true, a large cloud Temple Museum, built as early as possible, reproduce the Sui and Tang Dynasties prosperity style! "

6 years later, Jing is also a golden river, the difference is that hang in the Jing Chuan river, majestic atmosphere, darling of the Cloud Temple Museum of large buildings have been erected, when the Sui and Tang Dynasties Golden Age style as in the eyes!

Bathed in golden sunlight, we came to interview a large cloud Temple Museum. From afar, the big gray cloud Temple Mexican side corners of the tower stands tall, majestic and impressive. Square Tower is the most unique style of Tang Dynasty in front of the green granite screen wall, above a provincial secretary of the provincial People's Congress Chairman Ren Luhao wrote the "Great Cloud Temple Museum Jingchuan" golden characters. Turned screen wall, eyes wide's show is the antique brick paved square, the middle ground, a shape of square with the red sand rock engravings carved in India, write the "big week Jing Yun Temple relics of the great state of total fourteen letters tablets, "the giant characters, witness the cultural heritage of the Great Cloud Temple, a long history.

Further on is a big, powerful plain wooden door. From the front door to climb the stairs, I looked up, seven stupas in front of simple and elegant, towering, magnificent, stunning! Each move forward step out of relic Square Tower will be a different attitude and changing scenery spectacular. Great Cloud Temple, Office of Development and Construction Management Committee held YANG told us that the main stupa project is designed to 7 layer steel frame structure, a symbol of the seven Buddhist stupa; construction area of 5489 square meters, 95 meters high tower, containing Buddhist ninety-five the meaning of the statue; Tasha items round the lower 13 floors, a symbol of Buddhism, 13 days, the Pearl of the flame on top of a relic of the origins of interpretation of the Buddha. The whole square tower with corner towers built form to achieve the steel structure and the perfect combination of ancient architecture, engineering design, magnificent, unique style, known as "the first tower of China Tang." Gate, bell tower, Drum Tower, things Beiting pure wooden structure, where the total height of 18.43 m gate, built with imported larch and elm, the choice of 60 cm diameter cylindrical 22, a large wooden building technology in ancient China, the perfect reproduction of .

Modern high technology and wisdom, to reproduce the current state of a large cloud Temple Jing beautiful and brilliance, of which the bearer of profound cultural significance, but also we are the shock:

In 1964, several farmers in Gansu Province Soil and accidentally discovered, shocked the then Chinese Buddhist archaeological circles, known as the "1964 China top ten archaeological discoveries." This finding Fufeng than the famous Famen Temple in Shaanxi letter sets eight treasures relics found in the container 23 years earlier.

Archaeologists Zhu Zhongxi in the "relic coffin decorated with carved Sheng," the article said: "The Nirvana of Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism in ancient India, Kushinagar Buddha between the outskirts of two Horse Chestnut trees, the remains were cremated in India at that time 8 were made within the tower dedicated to the king. Then there were 19 towers located in the Chinese land, this is the many Buddhist temple in China today still holds a relic of the source. "

Archaeologists An Zhongyi said: "With the spread of Buddhism in China, built the tower bury Mai popular relic custom also in China. Jing CSU Cloud Temple emergence of the underground palace, in the Chinese system is a relic bury Mai epoch-making changes, it The first will be the coffin of the traditional system of the Central Plains into the Buddhist, opened the coffin bury buried relic with a precedent. "