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Northern Archaeological royal temple without walls is very rare in China
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Ye City Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social archaeological team in the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi County, Kentucky remains of Buddhist temples to explore the latest discovery, which the Royal Northern Dynasties in China now was not the monastery walls, the temple through the implementation of trenches filled with water Is Weidang. Heritage experts say it is very rare in China. According to the cultural relics department, Handan Linzhang data demonstrate that the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Ye Nan Buddhist Temple is located in Kentucky remains Zhang Linzhang 13 kilometers southwest of the north shore of the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi period north wall of 1300 meters south of the ancient capital of Ye. The left Track in 2002 first discovered, has been named the year of China's top ten archaeological discoveries. Taki surrounding archaeologists subsequently conducted a comprehensive exploration, to find a large temple ruins, from the age and size determination for the North Royal Dynasty of the temple. The principal of the monastery to explore the outer limits of corridors based on the detailed structure, trench digging probe for the study of Buddhist culture in the Northern provides a new instance of the evidence. Wang Fusheng Linzhang Conservation Institute, said that after the temple may exist Weidang on walls, excavation of the monastery and found there is no wall remains of the site four weeks, but to be surrounded by trenches Block. Trench 2 meters deep and 6 meters wide, was there should be water, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the temple. Four sides of the trenches is not the same, leaving a 3 m wide on each side of the aisle, should be imported temple 4. "Excavated tiles, eaves and brick and other building construction is very focused, and some stacked together, trace a large man-made destruction. The history of the Northern Zhou Dynasty had destroyed Northern Qi had initiated after the suppression of Buddhism campaign to weaken the influence of Buddhism. This is the royal temple was probably destroyed by the suppression of Buddhism movement. "Fu-Sheng Wang said. Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Ye Nan Buddhist relics is a square wooden tower Taki's base address, is currently the Eastern Wei and Northern Qi Dynasty found in period (6th century) the only square wooden tower base to sit Buddhist site, Taki brake column bases in stone, tower base brick letter And other archaeological discovery filled a gap in the Han and Tang, for the regulation of the Northern Buddhist temple to study the characteristics of Buddhism and Buddhist archaeological Taki significant.