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60 years of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of results displayed in Guangdong
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November 15, by the Guangdong Provincial Museum and the Academy of Social Sciences jointly organized by the Institute of Archaeology, "Archaeological Journal - 60-year results of the CASS Institute of Archaeology Exhibition" held at the Guangdong Provincial Museum. The exhibition features 428 artifacts, both 60 years CASS Institute of Archaeology, the excavation results, in which the city was, kilns, tombs, cemeteries with numerous sites, including bronze, jade, ceramics, gold and silver and other fine, 70 % of the artifacts are on display to the public for the first time. Archaeological research shows around the start of some major issues, such as cultural change after 1 million years ago, the characteristics of the origins of agriculture and livestock, the Chinese demonstrated the dawn of civilization and the rise of dynasties, the ancient capital of the evolution of the system and so on. CASS Institute of Archaeology with the founding of new China was born. 60 years, represented by Xia Nai under the leadership of several generations of archaeologists, the team members throughout the country get involved in archaeological field work and exploration of ancient ruins on the ten thousand, and discover hundreds of focus at the major issues concerning China's ancient history site address and other types of capital, access to more than a thousand items to explore research, outlined the formation of Chinese civilization and the history of the development. Exhibition to 10 February 2011 end.