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Shaanxi saves Wu Qi county to discover large Yangshao relics of Chinese of the Q
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Author: Cold valuable release time: Provenance of 2008-10-21   article: Chinese cultural relic website

October of Xi'an of China News Service reporter of 19 days of report learns from branch of Shaanxi province cultural relic, here cultural relic worker saved discovery of Wu Qi county to manage a culture of the Neolithic period of large The Neo-lithic Age in the Shaanxi that is located in loess plateau hinterland recently -- Qin Han relics, the area is eleven thousand six hundred and ten square metre about.

Wu Qi county is located in Shaanxi to visit the northwest department of Yan'an city, belong to shape of loess plateau bridge upland gully area, wu Qi of famous general of the Warring States of according to legend ever was stationed in army garrison edge here, name Wu Qi to commemorate this matter, ever was borderland important place in ancient times, place of historic interest is more.

It is reported, this place relics is census of Wu Qiwen content when 4 teams are having general investigation of countrywide cultural relic the 3rd times, discover. This relics relief is gentlier, north faces a village, wu Wang road reachs south, village forestry center reachs east, city edge channel is faced on the west. Relics shows a rectangle to distributing, the stuff is 620 meters long, north and south is 180 meters wide, the area makes an appointment with eleven thousand six hundred and ten square metre. Visible culture layer piles up on section, bottle of basin of the earthen bowl of ancient painted pottery of Yangshao culture of upper and visible The Neo-lithic Age, ancient painted pottery, pointed bottom and many Qin Han period mud pledges pan tile of grey Tao Shengwen, canister covers with tiles. Pan tile exterior trim sets upright stringy grain, inclined rope grain and lozenge grain, inclined rope grain or cloth grain are inside.

Here cultural relic expert says, according to collecting the diagnostic analysis of the specimen, this involuntary discharge of urine is put should belong to period of Yangshao culture of The Neo-lithic Age, Qin Han, be up to now the head what plain river upper reaches discovers is exclusive be in Qin Han involuntary discharge of urine to put.

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