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"Nanhai " underwater archaeology achievement is exhibited will appear on Hangzho
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Author: Yu Jing is static release time: Provenance of 2008-10-20   article: Xinhua net

Nanhai of “ of heavy boat of the Southern Song Dynasty the baby on a ”

Xinhua net Hangzhou achievement of archaeology of underwater of a ” exhibits the “ the Southern Song Dynasty that report will sponsor by bureau of cultural relic of park of city of Chinese country museum, Hangzhou on October 17 20 days to rise will be in Hangzhou museum of kiln of official of the Southern Song Dynasty exhibits. This is “ Nanhai the first time after a ” gives water reveals his more large-scaly to give hydrology thing, the exhibition will last to November 23.

Achievement of archaeology of underwater of a ” exhibits “ the Southern Song Dynasty many 200 item on display that will exhibit, it is give the high-quality goods that chooses in hydrology content from heavy boat, include china, gold vessel, silver, copper cash to wait. Among them many it is to reflect masterly at that time the precious cultural relic of craft, pale china bowl, Bao Ke's pervious to light shadow blueness engraves if line is exquisite fluent baby play grain flower disc.

Regard ocean of research China ancient time as the significant substantial evidence of foreign trade, the audience still can see the china that has different region color extremely, the china bowl of the silver that be like copy, hold crock, the horn mouth porcelain dish that when similar Arab eats a hand to catch a meal, uses. Besides revealing cultural relic giving water, phreatic water facility that still sets major of a complete set of showpiece reveal, the hardships that tells about underwater archaeology job to the audience and not easy.

“ Nanhai a ” is merchantman of period of the Southern Song Dynasty, grow 30 meters about, 10 meters wide, sunken Yu Andong saves Dong Ping harbor of city of in relief river with south place of about 20 sea mile, be what discover on the world up to now is maritime the time in heavy boat the earliest, the body of a ship is the largest, save the most complete ocean commerce trader. According to estimation, its bear the weight of cultural relic gross will amount to 140 thousand. Classics China underwater takes an examination of ancient personnel reconnaissance 20 years, this is in marine sleep deeply 800 old heavy ship rose to surface in December 2007, fix eyes upon for archaeology bound and social all circles. At present “ Nanhai a ” still is continued to seal up for keeping to undertake in caisson archaeology disentombs.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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