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Archaeologist discovers the film in Rome " horny fighter " the grave of the hero
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Author: Liu Zhongwei releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-21   article: International online

Archaeologist discovered the grave of fighter of horn of period of an ancient Rome, and this person may be Hollywood film " horny fighter " in famed star collect the part that Su Keluo acts is archetypal.

Archaeologist people this graveyard discovers when the Tiber bank investigation that in Roman north Sa Kesha Lu drags builds remains, dannila Ross expresses Roman archaeologist, they discovered on gravestone quarter have Marcus Nuolisi the marble of the name is sepulchral, ross still thinks " this is the greatest gravestone that will 229 years discover " . The Kelisidiyanuo Lanieli that leads this archaeology group says: "This graveyard is in it is with respect to collapse a long time ago in slop, but the cylinder in graveyard, grave top and other adornment are in good condition however nondestructive, sepulchral one share has slipped in the river, but everything restored again now " . Controller of Roman archaeology group installs Buddhist nun of Bo Di of · of auspicious the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to call this graveyard " great beauty is monumental " .

Professor Bodini expresses archaeologist, they had exhibited in governmental culture branch yesterday oneself discovery, the imperial villa that in Fulandinuo rugger field discovers still exhibited in the meantime. They state the government is intended new rehabilitate this are sepulchral, and coronal with " Fulamiya archaeology park " name, this park still will exhibit the house that imperial wife Liwei pulls Augustus.

It is reported, the film that by celebrated director Ridley Scot directs " horny fighter " in, marcus Nuolisi's name became Maximosi, the lay mines that Marcus Nuolisi is born in Italian north on the west inferior, he is for imperial mark · Aoliliwusi leads troops the general that fight and consul, later, he becomes core group member of the emperor to become imperial reliable agent even, hold Asian governor part-time later, and the aristocratic villa that he gets on in Lai gram lake also is affirmed and excavate comes out. But the scenarist of the film added a few labyrinthian stories. For instance, in mark · Aoliliwusi after the emperor is killed by the son Kangmode of own on the make, maximosi gradually be reduced to poverty, be gone to finally by banish North Africa. Later, he returns Rome and become fighter of a horn, revenge to give oneself gone family member and emperor and go all out on the field that fight animal kill. And Luo Ye of gram of collect element · is final because of successful personate this part and win Oscar optimal actor award.

It is reported, maximosi's part still absorbed hand of ancient Rome famous tumble Naxikasi's composition, because he is on the history true strangle imperial Kang Mode, he is Sibadakesi the soul in army, slave uprising chieftain, also be BC generation discipline at the same time one of horny fighters with whole Rome the most outstanding empire.
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