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Fine of relics of Hangzhou lantern hill smalls piece of land surrounded by water
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-10-22   article: Chinese cultural relic website

In new network Hangzhou on October 17 report (reporter Gong pronunciation) in September 2008 up to now, fine of relics of hill of lantern of Yu Hang Linpin of city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou smalls piece of land surrounded by water culture archaeology disentombs frequency of spot news of victory is passed, came up out of land in succession fine Zhu Wen changes medium-term the implements such as sufficient basin of canal of arrowhead of Shi Yue, stone, jade and double nose crock, circle.
As we have learned, this archaeology disentombs the job is to cooperate the rescue sex that developing zone of Hangzhou city Yu Hang economy develops construction and has to disentomb. Via approval of bureau of national cultural relic, institute of archaeology of province cultural relic and the archaeology that house of Yu Hangbo content comprises jointly investigate a team to have archaeology exploration, investigation to developing zone of Yu Hang economy. Lantern hill relics discovers at the beginning of this year September, preliminary disentomb the result makes clear lantern hill relics is fine Zhu Wen in changing
According to Zhejiang Dingpin of researcher of institute of archaeology of province cultural relic introduces, such grave group probable it is one or more familial common burial ground. Began to clear from October 3, 4 grave, discovered canal of arrowhead of Shi Yue, stone, small jade and Tao Ding, Tao Dou, Tao Zun to wait for implements from 4 graves. 13 days afternoon, archaeology team member discovered sufficient basin of double nose crock and circle in 5 graves; In small 5 graves hole involuntary discharge of urine is putting head and ulna of a paragraph of left arm, grave host height makes an appointment with 1 meter many, archaeology personnel is preliminary judging this is one is in familial in the minor debris that has proper place. Clear in 15 days when 6 graves, discovered two Yu Zhui are acted the role of, still have canal of a few jade and crockery. 17 days clear when 7 graves, because by terminal those who have fixed rate is disturbed destroy, the jade canal in be being tasted along with bury, Tao Ding, Tao Dou and contented crock appear not complete, preliminary judgement is relatively fine Zhu Xiaomu of the standard, at present crockery already sealed up for keeping, await later period rehabilitate and appraisal.

As we have learned, archaeology investigation team already disentombed at present grave 7, clear the area makes an appointment with 1000 square metre. The spot of lantern hill relics disentombs the job will last to the last ten-day of a month in December.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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