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Shi Ke go against the river reachs drug taking strange device uses Stone Age to
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Author: Zhang Le releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-22   article: New capital newspaper

British scientist announced a newest research positive result 19 days: The mankind is in early Stone Age is known " drug taking " . Just at that time alleged " drugs " also be a few herbal mixture that can let a person produce excited move merely just. But this discovers enough makes the mankind " drugs " the history pushs shift chiliad ahead.
Strange device is used outfit " drugs "
Be in early actually the scientist finds inchoate mankind " drug taking " before evidence, people suspects all the time, the ancestor of these mankinds once had used the thing of similar drugs, help excited cerebra. Suffer from evidence is not worth and just dare not say or state with certainty below absurd. 19 days of newest research that publish drew a full stop for this controversy eventually.

The Ka Yahe of · of tower of research scholar library of London college university the archaeologist of university of the California austral the United States Scot Feitepa hangs down the gram is on island of a Caribbean, found an eccentric unit. Via considering to discover, this is BC mankind had used, people confuses unreal medicine with its Cheng Fang, put it to nose to fall to be sucked suddenly, this kind " drugs " can let them wave wave desire celestial being.
These device nothing more than it is a few earthen bowl dish, still have not little Cheng Fang " drugs " gas and pulverous pipe. Classics textual research, these equipment are to live in BC 100 years - the tool that 400 years South America dweller has used BC extensively.
Drug taking " or result from religious activity
The scientist believes, these human ancestors had used " drugs " it is a kind of hallucinogen that is called Cohoba, basically extract from inside the flavor of sensitive plant fructification. But the mankind nowadays' common marijuana, did not discover on Caribbean island however.
The other research of scientists makes clear, the mankind is in the earliest 5000 old before, begin to extract hallucinogen from inside the plant such as cactus, maguey, only those are used on islands of such ability explanation Caribbean " life-giving wake head " the action of device. Because from archaeology discovery looks, the people at that time uses this kind of device " drug taking " the degree that has reached maturity.
Not quite clear still inchoate mankind uses the scientist " drugs " purpose, nevertheless most the notion that is approved by everybody is activity of primitive religion belief was brought up " primitive drugs " .

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