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Ancient Chinese is likely Africa of become extinct origin has more sufficient ev
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2008-10-23   article: Chinese news network

On April 8, 2 00 7 year " Gu Xinfa shows 10 final examination of Chinese " announce in Beijing, the discovery of cranium of the person that make prosperous is without be concerned about to become 10 first big. The graph is the fossil of ancient mankind cranium that makes relics of paleolith of Chang Ling well send disinter in Henan. China News Service sends bureau of national cultural relic to photograph

Archaeologist was in a few days ago when to Henan relics of the Old Stone Age of Xu Changling well undertakes archaeology disentombs, discovered be apart from today 8, fossil of 100 thousand years of or so more complete ancient mankind cranium, fill China is inchoate the blank that wisdom person fossil discovers, for China ancient mankind evolution said to provide important basis continuously. Before 50 thousand years are being mixed 200 thousand years ago, be inchoate respectively wisdom person and terminal wisdom person period, a general designation of this one period is modern, inchoate feature of wisdom person fossil continued Beijing pithecanthrope feature, but the human fossil of this one period before China discovers to arrive 50 thousand years 200 thousand years ago is very little. 7 years December 17, archaeology personnel makes relics of the Old Stone Age of Chang Ling well discover a more complete ancient mankind in Henan of parietal bone and 16 parietal bone, occipital, temporal bone fractional, become a more complete human cranium fossil through recovering from an illness, its eyebrow backbone relatively dash forward, forehead is low smooth, pillow dash forward wall of apophysis, bone is larger, save and petrifaction degree is first-rate, did not appear be out of shape circumstance. China News Service sends Zhang Yan army to photograph

Hong Kong " civil report " the article that publishs Mr Zhou Yun now says: Till today, palaeoanthropology home of China is a basis different period disentombs the humanization stone that come out makes compare, maintain next not the humanization stone of period of of the same age, it is the relation of ancestor and descendant, reaching contemporary Chinese is planted is by Chinese the ancients simian alone the conclusion of developmental multiply inheritance, the doctrine of Africa of traceable of negative and contemporary mankind.

The author thinks, "Chinese origin is autochthonal say " the biggest drawback, it is via rising DNA detects scientificly, the DNA that proves not contemporaneous mankind fossil without method has a group of things with common features descendants with successive blood relationship to concern.

"Chinese origin is autochthonal say " the development that scotoma depends on studying stone of the ancients apperception isolatedly and successive, everything is the foundation from fossil archaeology makes deduction. They never combine climatology and the course that geological change studies to the mankind develops. As a result of geological time different, time brings a great change to the worlds, change is tremendous. Have the area that many ancient mankind activities pass, had been pressed to be under hill body in orogenic movement today, some activities are vestigial heavy in sea floor or laky bottom, the result finds the fossil of the ancient mankind of certain period, certain zone very hard, the fossil that has many geological period appeared blank. Arrive before 12000 before 40000, still be glacial period, the mainland of mouth of suddenly bay area, the Yangtse River is worn, the mainland of Pearl River mouth is worn, taiwan strait, the indian ocean is coastal, medium south peninsula mainland is worn, offing is terrestrial near The Nansha Islands, Java, offing is low at that time today 140 meters, these places have a river, have the woods, have a grass, climate is friendly, animal of water, land can make food, food source is adequate, it is the Eden that the mankind multiplies. Although since 2000000, have ceaselessly erect person, inchoate wisdom person cent is not contemporaneous, an one wave ground comes loose from blame city group by group change reachs the world each district, but what go from African Ethiopia forest before 40000 is contemporary it is the most mature that wisdom person evolution is gotten, their head volume is larger, know cut a tree with stone implement, build canoe, build the structure of lever column type, showed huge developmental advantage. The erect person that they need not resemble on one period again, inchoate wisdom person lives in cave, they selected Mediterranean the eastpart part mainland of mainland wearing, Nile is worn, mainland of south of two rivers region, the Black Sea wears Babylon, Indian mainland is worn, the Campagna of the shallow sea area of East Asia is multiplying, territory expands, food source expands, population expands, opportunity of different and tribal intermarriage expands, speed of cerebral ministry evolution is carried greatly fast, exceeded human ancestor to make multiple, more exceed paleolith to be opposite acting inchoate wisdom person (these are inchoate wisdom person is not today the ancestral) of modern.
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