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Relics of door of ancient money pond shows body lakefront and chiliad of west la
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Author: Blueness of tip of Shang Jie forest releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-24   article: Now morning paper

The city wall of money pond door base. Reporter Wang Yi photographs (origin: Hangzhou daily)

"Emerge row outside golden gate, outside money pond door sweet basket. " the Hangzhou person of old a copy kept as a record, can sing Song this canzonet about 10 big city gate. Nowadays, emerge golden gate still is the famous tourist attraction side the west lake, and where did door of ancient money pond go to?

To cooperate west lake Shen Wei, before a many month, the expert of place of Hangzhou city archaeology is mixed according to document the account of historical data, searched lakefront to occupy southeast side. Through a many lunar archaeology disentombs, yesterday, of door of ancient money pond vestigial appear in awesomely at the moment.

This archaeology disentombs, decide door of ancient money pond has the history of the chiliad on the move not only, also call out answered a paragraph paragraph of Hangzhou story that is forgotten gradually.

It and chiliad of west lake depend on each other

The history of Gu Qiantang door, it is OK to disentomb because of this date from chiliad. And it is the China that discovers at present the earliest certificate carries type city gate on the head

Former west lake, be located in Hangzhou suburban, in Qing Bo the door, emerge door of golden gate, Qian Tang in the 3 city gate that overlook a lake greatly, money pond door is the closest from the west lake, become Hangzhou person to give the main thoroughfare of city You Hu.

Consequently, want to clear up the relation between west lake and Hangzhou city in west lake Shen Wei, money pond door appears important all the more. This namely the cause that the expert of place of Hangzhou city archaeology expends setbacks to find it.

Come these days, in Qing Chunlu and around the city a small area that the lakefront of road across mouth occupies area of tea building southeast on the west uses gray clapboard to surround all the time, inside this, be money pond door -- here by gouge a square that makes an appointment with 1.5 meters greatly is big hole, between the block of ordinary maize slop and gray, the should count two big configuration to differ cyan small brick that has say most.

Tang Junjie of assistant director of city archaeology institute says, slant in those largish bricks are in archaeological be called a brick, it is the brick of period of Northen Song Dynasty of the Five Dynasties; And somes a bit small, it is the brick of sweet pudding of the Southern Song Dynasty that Hangzhou person has been familiar with very much. Be these brick shops in those days the corridor in hole of city gate door.
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