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Archaeologist accident discovers acupuncture needle of 1000 ancient time is apar
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Author: Hear a day to release time: Provenance of 2008-10-24   article: International online

British archaeologist discarded in 40 old tables discovered in the drawer a few days ago be apart from what count chiliad today on 1000 acupuncture needle, this discovery is considered as " the archaeology with the most important England discovers " . Archaeology personnel is right the acupuncture needle exclaim of discovery unceasingly, weighing its is " sacred classic " .

According to the report, these prehistoric implements that are discovered are to bury be in England Suoercibaili near the prehistoric megalith column on Campagna the things buried with the dead of chieftain of a war, be apart from today about 4000 old; Archaeology personnel discovers the dagger of a be buried with the dead in this relics at that time. Archaeologist indicates these goods is " sacred classic " .

These acupuncture needle that are discovered are the one part on the dagger handle of be buried with the dead; After the coffin pit of the Ba Lun of · of cacique cloth assorted that will bury this 1808 when archaeologist nevertheless sends disinter to come, they still do not know the principal port of these things buried with the dead.

The member that take an examination of the ancients will disentombed in this area before this the other husk such as the dagger that go out and article are placed together Weizesiweierte is worn in England museum of county cultural relic; Till recently, ni Yaer of a senior lecturer is arranging Jia Difu university when the table drawer of his predecessor, inside the drawer discovery sticks the film canister of Ba Lun of · of assorted having cloth, tibet has thousands of dried day lily flower inside.

Occupy Niyaer to recollect, going up actually century 60 time, this drawer that hides invaluable asset ever was managed to check heart professor to had examined by the archaeologist of Jia Difu university. Curator of museum of county cultural relic defends Weierte greatly say: "We think Professor Richard identified an analysis to give the value of these article and time at that time, unfortunate nevertheless is subsequently he died. Later these article by his succession person inside the drawer that Professor John puts him table. 2005, professor agreement writing dies, till recently Niyaer puts in these article 's charge to still give us museum, just make these husk are able to see light again. Just make these husk are able to see light again..

According to archaeologist introduction, these acupuncture needle come from Ireland probably, see those who belong to French cloth to list tower Buddhist nun from charge for the making of sth. style; The grain of person handwriting solder that these acupuncture needle are enchased to be in to be used at undertaking a ceremony, long go up for 20 centimeters dagger. The expert expresses, this is bronze ware times the most fundamental goods that in England Campagna discovers Suoercibaili.
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