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Shanxi ooze county discovers barrow of the Western Han Dynasty comes up out of l
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Author: The graceful austral Ren Yuanjun releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-24   article: Xinhua net

The reporter saves know of cultural relic branch from Shanxi, shanxi saves ooze county to discovered barrow of period of a the Western Han Dynasty a few days ago, come up out of land the article such as money of 5 an ancient unit of weight, ancient painted pottery.

As we have learned, contain inside the ancient painted pottery of be buried with the dead that come up out of land millet, red Huang Hei the commissariat such as the millet bead of color of 3 seed coat, wheat, millet and millet colour and lustre are bright, appearance is complete, other already calcification. Occupy archaeology personnel to analyse, preliminary maintain this grave place to belong to period to be metaphase of the Western Han Dynasty, be apart from today 2000 old. In Shanxi this province churchyard comes up out of land the crop such as millet is very valuable, have value of taller historical data, be research ooze county farming agrarian development history provided objective evidence.

Ooze county element has " rich rice-producing area " beautiful praise, yellow millet of city of ooze of famous special local product crops the history long. The millet that barrow of the Western Han Dynasty comes up out of land, millet, real report heavy at that time farming the history that grows unhusked rice n cultivated land, extensively.

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