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The bosom is changed now scale is the largest save the most complete Gu Cheng co
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Forum of ancient village of ancient town of ancient city of the 2nd China will come 20 days to be changed in Hunan bosom on October 17 hold. The bosom changes city to be located in laurel of Guizhou of change of Hunan another name for Hubei province the combinative department of 5 provinces area, whole town already discovered at present save complete Gu Cheng, ancient town, Gu Cun to 30 is in more, these saving in good condition, reflect different people, be illogical the Gu Si of culture, ancient floor, Gu Qiao, Gu Jing, ancient store, ancient dorp, no matter the amount still is characteristic and diversity,go up, it is the whole nation is infrequent, because this is known as,the bosom is changed " Gu Cunqun of the throughout the country's biggest ancient city Guzhen falls " and " ancient building museum " . In addition, the bosom is changed still have Chinese, Dong, seedling, precious jade, 49 nations such as earthy home created the ethical folk-custom culture such as culture of singing and dancing of Miao Zu of former zoology Dong, food culture, dress culture, building culture. The graph is ancient city of the 2nd China spot of opening ceremony of forum of Guzhen ancient village. China News Service sends Zhao Juan to photograph

Expert of cultural relic archaeology was conceived in the Hunan of boundary of Hunan laurel Guizhou a few days ago changed city to discover home is current scale is the largest, save the most complete, configuration to combine the richest Gu Cheng community of Gu Zhengu village.

Investigate discovery, the bosom changes the land of 20 thousand much square kilometer of city to go up, save complete Gu Cheng at present Gu Zhengu village has 30 to be in more, have with Hong Jiang city of accept a surrender accept a surrender of river of ancient store, Zhi, Guizhou Yanggu city, Long Xi is ancient ancient village of town, Jing Ping, high chair stockaded village of Gu Dong of Gu Min house, passageway be a delegate large quantities of.

Article of Luo Zhe of vice-chairman of committee of China of board of relics of historic site of chairman of institute of cultural relic of group leader of group of expert of ancient building of bureau of national cultural relic, China, international thinks, the bosom changes Gu Cheng natural resources of Gu Zhengu village is very substantial, can says " Gu Cunqun of the throughout the country's biggest ancient city Guzhen falls " and " ancient build group of museum " .

The investigation of branch of Hunan Province cultural relic makes clear, gu Cheng is changed in the bosom in community of building of Gu Zhengu village, scale of big river ancient store is the largest, save the most complete. Be in " 7 to 8 alley 9 streets " in Gu Cheng pattern, building of more than 380 nearly 100 thousand square metre, Ming Qinggu is shown " well " glyph layout is arranged, house of more than 60 many 50 48 34 23 18 10 congress house, newspaper office, old-style Chinese private bank, schools, half stage, whorehouse, smoke scatters among them. Big river ancient store also is called by bound of cultural relic archaeology accordingly Chinese capitalism is budding of period " activation stone " .
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