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Henan installs relics of in relief Yin Dynasty ruins to discover main business m
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Author: Laurel beautifuls Gui Tao releases time: Provenance of 2008-10-24   article: Xinhua net

Archaeology worker was a few days ago inside relics of Yin Dynasty ruins of Henan An Yang, discovered important business generation makes contented mill division first, provided important data to study phylogeny of furnace of our country kiln.

Will come this year in August in October, general groove guard undertook the Yin Dynasty ruins that institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences installs group of in relief work to be passed to project of a capital construction rescue sex disentombs, clear in all business acting grave 80, grey hole 100, foundations 22, contented kiln 10, road 3, the life uses kitchen range 3, well the soil cave grave of mouth and quiet period of 2 5 Tang Songming or bricky room grave.

Disentomb according to chairing working group assistant team leader Dr. Yue Hongbin introduces An Yang of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, this the most important discovery is to disentombing the eastpart part of the area cleared 10 Shang Daitao kiln. This place makes dimensions of contented mill relics not be less than 60 thousand square metre, contented kiln construction is basic and identical, but all destroy by different level, it is better to save still stay have bottom of Bi of column of path of chamber of blow hole, fire, fire, kiln, kiln, wicket and firing chamber.

The crockery that archaeology personnel discovered a large number of burning to abandon inside the grey hole around these contented kiln or foundations filling and kiln wall remains, still have a lot of tools that make a surname, accordingly conjectural here should be one place business generation makes contented mill relics.

According to introducing, send the defective goods of disinter or reject crockery this, with Tao Dou most, take second place of contented a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles, crockery configuration basically is first phase of culture of Yin Dynasty ruins or 2 period. 20 centuries 80 time, group of the work that install this world ever was collected or burn metabolic crockery, crockery configuration basically is culture of Yin Dynasty ruins 3 period or 4 period, the use time that shows relics of this mill that make a surname is very long, period of perforative and whole Yin Dynasty ruins.

(responsibility edits: Gao Dan)

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