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China 13th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Society held in Seoul
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Yesterday, the China Archaeological Society 13th Annual Meeting of the opening in Wuchang, the National Cultural Relics and Archaeology from the community over a hundred experts and scholars to discuss "Three archaeological discovery and research" theme. Chinese director Zhang Zhongpei Archaeological Society at the meeting pointed out that the Three Gorges Project is by far the world's largest water conservancy and hydropower project, carried out with the Three Gorges Project Three Gorges heritage conservation work, is the first large-scale human history for the purpose of the protection of historical and cultural heritage on a relatively independent geographical unit of cultural relics, scientific, systematic and thorough systems engineering heritage rescue. 10 years, the province successfully completed the Three Gorges relics conservation workers all planning tasks, a total of 7,000 years ago unearthed from the Neolithic Age to the Ming and Qing periods and different times, different cultures, pottery, jade, bronze Ba culture, Tang Song porcelain during the more than 5,000 pieces of precious relics and other important specimens of more than 60,000 pieces of cultural relics, the system clarifies the historical and cultural face of the Three Gorges region. In particular, one of the top ten archaeological discoveries of the excavation site of Badong Jiuxian floor, the first comprehensive county clearly show the layout of the Song Dynasty, is the new breakthrough in China's urban archeology.