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Character interview - - visit director of institute of archaeology of the Chines
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2007-05-25   article: Archaeology net

On July 25, 2003, "Chinese archaeology " the website interviewed director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Mr Liu Qingzhu.

This net: Liu Suo is long, li Tie mirrors a dean to put forward a the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to want to establish top-ranking institute of a batch of worlds, what conception do you have excuse me to this bit?

Liu Suo is long: Li Tie mirrors a dean to put forward a the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to want to establish top-ranking institute of a batch of worlds, the humanities is the strong point of the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, archaeological belong to again in the humanities " show learn " . Archaeology institute of course should be striven for hard regard the world that the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences founds the first batch as top-ranking institute.

Archaeology institute should establish world top-ranking institute, be about to do China and the center that the world studies China is archaeological the institute.

About founding problem of world top-ranking institute, my initial conception is: It is about in 5 years of time, the institute should have 3 - 5 are famous in domestic and international famous archaeologist, want to 10 or so are on the expert of position of learning of authority of domestic archaeology academia, scholar, should have 20 - backbone of 30 Chinese archaeological course, the China that should a 100 people control composition is archaeological " national group " .

The institute wants those who have a batch of be handed down from ancient times to make, 3 - 5 years should print of a batch of famous book, name comes out, among them famous book basically includes a batch of main archaeological special issue (be like " relics of cliff of skin of Guilin an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise disentombs report " , " flourishing depression relics disentombs report " , " Tao Si graveyard disentombs report " , " relics of cease division store disentombs report " , " Chinese Chang'an city laurel, reference book of sex of foundation of a batch of course (be like the second edition " course of cultural relic of archaeology of · of Chinese big encyclopedia " , " archaeological method " etc) with data book (be like 40 this " Yan Zhou document of inscriptions on bronze is compositive " etc) ; Continue to do good China's archaeological authority journal " archaeology " , " archaeological newspaper " , the China that makes I establish recently's exclusive English archaeology journal " China is archaeological " , make the core journal that world archaeology academia studies China is archaeological.

Strengthen construction of course of the key laboratory of research center of test of archaeology science and technology, key, make with 5 years of time its reach the advanced level of congener center, lab on the world about; Strive for 3 - 5 years in, learn to wait for a respect in environmental archaeology, animal archaeology, plant archaeology, time, obtain the positive result of important scientific research of level of top-ranking learning of a batch of worlds. Influence time with 3 years, make IT is applying my place archaeologically, be in the advanced position of domain of science of domestic humanitarian society, reach the level of world developed country on international.
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