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The Chinese animal that moves toward the world is archaeological -- Yuan Jing
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2007-05-25   article: Website of Chinese cultural relic came in Feburary 2006 in June, I answer archaeology of Du Lun university is England invite, the visiting professor of 4 months was become over. I am in department of archaeology of Du Lun university, Cambridge university respectively during 5 schools such as department of archaeology of university of department of archaeology of university of heart of institute of institute of Mai Ketang accept, London university archaeology, Er thanking phenanthrene, York were done 7 times, the method is mixed related the archaeology department that visited these a few universities and science of archaeology institute application technical lab, see their ancient DNA lab technically still to Oxford additionally. Visit visit and mutual communication through these, gains is not minor, feeling is quite deep. Wraparound case for, have the following knowledge.
One, animal of sufficient understanding west is archaeological the advantage of research. Archaeological like China getaway gets western effect is same, chinese animal is initiated archaeologically also is the result that studies to the west. When seeing the animal archaeology lab that visits these a few universities, if will bilateral individual lab is compared,I feel, difference is not apparent, we return some respects to prevail slightly. The amount of archaic animal specimen that for instance we collect and sort want with respect to the lab that compares their any university much. But from look on the whole, the collaboration of force of the development course of the animal archaeology lab these 6 universities, research and they and relevant research organization rise integratedly, mirror a whole and Euramerican animal apparently from a flank the powerful actual strength of archaeological research. The development history that they have on hundred years, research team that has hundreds person; Involves research district is very extensive, divide Euramerican beyond, still include Africa, the Oceania and on the west inferior area; All sorts of their research technique comparative facility of complete, instrument is very complete. They pass long-term research, accumulated quite substantial research gain, among them achievement of a lot of research is had achieve a gender formerly. Can say none exaggeratively, euramerican scholar depends on its powerful actual strength alive bound animal is archaeological the unify the whole country in the domain of research.
2, animal of objective evaluation west is archaeological the inadequacy of research. Aught is one divides into two, the research of western scholar is not perfect, the confine that studies district is one of its inadequacy. Especially they are archaeological to Chinese animal the understanding of research is quite finite. Investigate its reason, the obstacle of the language is a main factor. Because they are right dabble of East Asia area is few, cannot understand archaic east mankind and animal consequently the development process of all sorts of relations, cannot begin a thing the comparison of square relevant task studies, to worldwide the animal inside is archaeological research, this is very big drawback undoubtedly. This problem wants to solve sooner or later, and will solve by who still is an unknown. My individual thinks, chinese scholar answers to this this not decline to shoulder a responsibility.
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