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Visit national museum standing deputy curator Professor Zhu Fenghan
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2007-05-25   article: Archaeology net

Interview time: On June 10, 2003

Cover a site: National museum

The person that be interviewed: Chinese country museum is standing deputy curator, before Zhu Fenghan teachs adviser of curator of Chinese history museum, doctoral student

Archaeology network reporter: Dr. Shen Yunyan

Website reporter: Bright red curator, hello! Very glad that you can be accepted " Chinese archaeology " of the website interview. Excuse me your since archaeologist, it is a historian, so how are you to know archaeological with of the relation of archaic history?

Bright red curator: Studying history is my earliest major probably, basically be to do first Qin Shi. First Qin Shi occupies position in history, do first Qin Shi should have archaeological certain and theoretical foundation and accomplishment, should have the certain accomplishment that learns to ancient writing, the research that waits for ancient implements to bronze ware especially for instance additionally should have better attainment. Of course, will discuss much subject now, should literate still the theoretical foundation with anthropologic better geometric ratio. I am engaged in first Qin Shi studies is in 20 centuries seventies end, in those days is reforming and opening begins phase, a few new things of abroad come in ceaselessly, contacted train of thought to how updating the past, the research that how makes much discipline development better got very big inspiration, it is under this new condition. So I am probably from do history to study bronze ware, study ancient writing, learn archaeology, I cannot say I am archaeologist, can be archaeological lover only. My actually earliest published article is to be in " archaeology " on those who publish (this net notes: Zhu Fenghan: " he pulls big ooze of Jilin Nai graceful banner relics of The Neo-lithic Age is investigated " , " archaeology " 1979 the 3rd period) the findings report that is relics of culture of a red hill. In those days still is me in Zhejiang working amateur is done, mr An Zhimin looked to had been revised to me at that time, my interest still likes archaeology at the beginning, because work,I went to reason, household account later south open an university. Below this kind of circumstance, because of the burden in the home, go impossibly again, the interest that presses me should get archaeology major technically, be forced later is the lover that serves as archaeology all the time. Of course to do well first Qin Shi, to do well ancient Shi Yan investigate, I must want to understand more archaeological technical knowledge, to archaeologist study, at the same time I am in ancient writing and ancient implements respect especially bronze ware respect made great efforts one time, because I feel archaeological with history especially first Qin Shi has close relationship. I am in " the history studies " on sent an article, " by China archaeological the relation with history " (this net notes: " the history studies " 2003 the 1st period) . I want to talk about archaeological the relation with history, here is so called " history " , can do two kinds of understanding, it is the history of broad sense, or call the history science, study the science of human society history namely; The another history that is narrow sense, point to the course that relies on document data to study human society history. When discussion history and archaeological relation, place cloud history can be to point to former, namely broad sense history; Also can be to point to latter, namely narrow sense history. The history of broad sense, according to the idea of my individual, archaeological although have science method introduce, added the shift of a lot of scientific research, but, if regard a course as delimit, be in no matter course of scientific domain delimit, still teaching domain delimit course, what to award the doctoral degree program, so archaeological still be inside history division, my individual feels possible still, otherwise, because of us after all the academic foundation with one the individual's theoretical lifetime, cannot be the crystallization that achieves science, next archaeological also crystallize with history, also be improper so, when a person is being chosen, can pick a main academic goal only, archaeological from will always tell, if be put inside the historical space of broad sense,I feel, I feel to do not have the question with big what, we do environmental archaeology now, the environment is archaeological when the environment that lives in mankind of research ancient time, although the likelihood also holds concurrently,reach a few problems that attribute science course, but its are culminating the purpose still is meaning studying through science achievement will explain environment and evolve to live to the mankind the influence with development. Tell from this meaning, archaeological appear and also did not have necessary must " walk out of " historical science, the history of i.e. broad sense; As to it and narrow sense history it is distinguishing originally, be like Yi Tan not to go up should " walk out of " . The environment is archaeological although involve subject of a lot of science, but these course all have respective and distinctive major to research a field, the environment is so archaeological just introduced archaeological etc humanities and science course actually the method that mutual across has study and method, made full use of the research achievement of these course. Actually, can be informed from inside archaeological phylogeny, in archaeological form level, its research technique has used such as geological wait for science method, facilitate archaeological the method that established one set to science studies a characteristic and method. But the classify that it did not affect archaeological the humanities and attribute. The history of narrow sense and archaeological relation are the history that document gives priority to and archaeological relation, I want to be compared probably main is first the Qin Dynasty, Qin Han appears this paragraph more a few closer. Of course, we fall archaeologically now paragraph, according to gentleman of king intermediate different their opinion, should put bright generation, so inside the state that has long history, the history is archaeological leave literature very hard, and also not was necessary to go document of steer clear of. I am in " the history studies " the issue that discusses summerly culture basically is on the article. If will tell from summerly archaeology, summer it is the first dynasty in account of document of Chinese ancient time, what should divide now according to us so is archaeological, should return former history archaeological, because of there is this account in be being displayed about Xiadaiwen, its document is later ages document, not be at that time account, there still is not a character at that time, so we can put it former history archaeological, because he has not entered the category with archaeological history, also a few discover a character put in the limits with archaeological history 's charge. So I feel to be mixed to Chinese history archaeological will tell, reflect especially in former history archaeological this paragraph, with body before the history is archaeological now paragraph part, both relationship is particularly close, no matter be course,so my individual feels to differentiate to still study the system will tell, I feel a few minutes of laws in the past do not have too big question.
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