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Zheng Zhenxiang interview
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Author: Wang Zheng releases time: Provenance of 2007-05-25   article: Chinese archaeology net

"1962 on May 13 " -- when the reporter asks about, zheng Zhenxiang still remembers the time that the workstation that install this world goes to at the beginning of oneself clearly. This day, she comes from modulate of workstation of archaeology place Luoyang An Yang, in joining the rank that disentombs to Yin Dynasty ruins. The Zheng Zhenxiang that regards Beijing University as one of graduate students of major of the first batch of archaeology, set foot on the course of development with academic new career here, the prospective man that knew oneself -- the Chen Zhida that An Yang comes to 3 years ago. The Yin Dynasty ruins in those days, greet and sent a batch to approve young archaeology worker, 2 people stayed Chen Zheng finally, for archaeology of Yin Dynasty ruins this extensive grand academic project sweat sheds dustpan scoop up with a dust pan. This stays is 40 years.

Zheng ZhenxiangWhen Yin Dynasty ruins explain involuntary discharge of urine is successful, compatriots goes to the look focusing of attention of Huan river bank, this does not calculate capacious bring China however archaeological on the land of a few good luck when, total meeting float reveals a lot of familiar names in our brain: King exemplarying honor, Luo Zhenyu, Liu E, regnal dimension, Li Ji, Dong Zunbin, Liang Saiyong, Shi Zhang if, Guo Baojun... there also can be Zheng of course among this. In 70 time, zheng Zhenxiang, Chen Zhida is chaired disentomb Fu is very big grave, come up out of land stone implement of bronze ware, jade article, treasure, crockery, ivory implement wait for nearly 2000, one class cultural relic amounts to its China home tens of, more there is no lack of triplex 甗, Ou Fangyi, 鸮 honour " heavy treasure of the country " , this is Chinese abundant business brushstroke of thick Mo Chongcai on archaeology history. In the horizon of Everyman, fu good grave is Yin Dynasty ruins probably hundred years the brightest beautiful discovery. The talk of we and Zheng Zhenxiang also cannot leave this topic.

Speak of Shenwei of Yin Dynasty ruins and oneself job, the birthplace that Zheng Zhenxiang thinks to serve as Shang Wenming and China are contemporary archaeological cradle, although do not have the discovery of Fu good grave, yin Dynasty ruins already the culture bequest with enough ascend world-renowned body. The archaeology of calendar year disentombs, announce bit by bit the archaic society that gives the prosperity of a height before 3000 and its transcendental material productivity, bright like myth, behoove gets the respect of each country people. And of different common is, yin Dynasty ruins from one now and then appear bone of a few armour piece common mound, to today. Layout the ancient capital relics with optimistic, baronial dimensions, those who take an examination of the ancients is arduous paying is very important. And dig material to recover from an illness to ancient architectural through depending on issue as before, emersion in those days scene, broke through long-term since the difficult position that subterranean building is hard to protect and uses. Because this brings the success of in relief Shen Wei, for our country big relics protection offerred a kind to set an example.
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