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Li Yufang talks about God stage
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2007-05-25   article: Xinhua net Shaanxi channel

Relics of the hall before passing pair of A room a surname east side archaeology investigation of nearly one year, exploration and part send kilometer of 30 much square dig, archaeologist discovery, relics of fabulous station of weather of Qin Shi the emperor is build of period of the Qin Dynasty of the Warring States actually on the one place palace in Lin Yuan is built group.

In relics of the hall before A room palace east 500 meters of place, have a lofty earthy station, circumference makes an appointment with 310 meters, make an appointment with 20 meters high, local call his " only then station of the emperor weather " , it is the most striking structure inside relics of A room palace vestigial one of. Going up century 50 - 70 time, local takes terraced field of earth, build and massive level land above Ceng Zaiwei location, in those days headquarters is set in " only then station of the emperor weather " on.

Li Yufang of team leader of group of archaeology of palace of room of researcher of place of archaeology of courtyard of Chinese company division, A says, team of the archaeology at the beginning of this year begins to be in the Dian Dongduan before A room uterus removing on the west, east spread out extensive investigation and exploration to the limits of the kilometer of 30 much square of black river. Subsequently disentomb the key changes direction " only then station of the emperor weather " , to its south slope refers analyse type disentombs: Relics bottom is thick 2. 5 meters tamper Tutaiji, show irregular spindly, part of intermediate main body is a thing 111 rice, north and south 74 meters, its Xiang Xishen gives a share is a thing 25 rice, north and south 36 meters, the thing is 30 rice, north and south 40 meters.

In tamper earth stage basic upside is palace building, existent part is connected tall 15. 2 meters, cent layer. Bottom building already was not had, existent base location thing 50 - 73 rice, north and south 62 meters, base location is tall 8. 1 rice; Mid building is existent long 5. 1 rice, wide 1 . 9 - 2. 5 rice, tall 0. 9 meters, its building is vestigial and existent south along one granite plinth stone; Coping building is not had put, existent base location thing 21 rice, north and south 13 rice, tall 6. 2 meters, did not discover the trace of classics fire.  

In addition, with this high table construction is core, in its the east, west, in all discover annexe, its underground discovered much place runs store by Tao Shui catchment establishment, its south did not see the building is vestigial, but in underground place of rice agreement 1 has sand bed to distributing, should be ancient time wadi or laky, probable it is the gardens landscape that the ancients uprise faces water.

Li Yufang says: "God the core of stage relics is building of palace of a high table, issue the Tutaiji that it is tamper, palace building is on, should be one can be divided for bottom, medium, top 3 high table palace is built. The form of relics of building of a palace makes this as salty as Qindou Yang Gong basic and identical, it is building of more typical palace of high table of the Warring States. Look from archaeological angle, this place relics is the Qin Dynasty of the Warring States undoubtedly going up the palace that the one part that Lin Yuan makes is core with high table construction group. Because meantime is acting palace of the room that compare A is early, did not concern with A room palace. Did not concern with A room palace..
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