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Interview of Mr Xu Ping fragrant is recorded
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Author: Xu Hong releases time: Provenance of 2007-05-30   article: Chinese archaeology net

Xu Hong: Contemporary China is archaeological be born oneself beginning already had taken 80 old course, and your archaeology career also has 50 old. You not only the eyewitness that is Chinese archaeological development, the academic collected works that also resembles you " Chinese history is archaeological talk a clump " complier place says in that way, "Calendar year will ever was driven share multinomial research plan, high reputation is enjoyed in academic element " [I] . To how acceding the good science of forefathers is traditional, begin the archaeological research that accords with Chinese actual condition truly, you have a lot of deep-seated reflection. We hope you can talk about your experience and impressions with respect to this problem very much.

Xu Ping fragrant: China is contemporary archaeological be born at 20 centuries 20 time, disentomb with institute of language of central academy history Henan installs relics of in relief Yin Dynasty ruins to be a mark, arrive from archaeological theory research technique, it is from Europe archaeological introduce, be to suffer western learning to affect a very deep course in the humanities. But, china is contemporary of archaeological research is culture of history of Chinese ancient time however, belong to the category of Chinese history, the vestigial hangover that stays with the mankind will study the history. This produced to use western learning theory and method, how to study the issue of culture of history of Chinese ancient time. This problem is China nearly hundred years come in academia quite open to question problem. The fact proves, china is contemporary archaeological 70 one's remaining years will gain very great success, the archaeological historian with distinguished England Glyn Daniel (Glyn Daniel) published 1981 " archaeological brief history " in predict " a few in future inside 10 years, the new knowledge to Chinese importance will be archaeological in a decisive progress " [Ii] . Why can you reach such evaluation? I feel serious to analyse China the course of modern archaeological development, sum up its experience lesson, can answer this question; In the meantime, right China is contemporary henceforth archaeological further in the process of globalization progress, also have real sense very much.

When cause of Chinese modern archaeology is promoted, introducing while Europe is archaeological, continue to develop Chinese learning tradition again, form a brand-new course. Review Chinese archaeological phylogeny, we see clearly in Fu Si year, there is a common characteristic on body of the China such as Li Ji, Liang Saiyong and Xia Nai's archaeological the person that lay a foundation, namely the training that they suffer old Chinese learning of Guo Qianjia school, when accepting Europe's archaeological concept and method, not be apply mechanically, however of marriage China actual, choose somewhat, be used for me, will solve China's archaeological real problem. Alleged " actual " , include two fields, be Chinese history culture is actual, 2 it is Chinese ancient time what vestigial hangover reachs his to save what is actually happening is actual. The arrow with scientific concept and method, those who go to those who shoot Chinese history culture and archaeological what is actually happening. Introduced already contemporary archaeological, held the convention of the archaeological research that has Chinese distinguishing feature again, walked out of the road of the learning that culture of Chinese and Western combines successfully. In the process of globalization, are these example undeserved are we drawn lessons from and learn? [Iii]
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