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Interview of director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Soci
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Author: This station reporter releases time: Provenance of 2007-07-23   article: Chinese archaeology net The reporter of Chinese archaeology website is right in July 2007 director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Mr Wang Wei undertook interviewing. This station reporter: Wang Suo is long, congratulate you to be awarded by America archaeology association recently above all " academician of foreign nationality honor " title. You are one of 3 when this year whole world obtains this honor crackajack archaeologist. Do you have to this why impressions? Wang Suo is long: Be awarded academician of honor of foreign nationality of America archaeology institute, tell the truth myself feels more accident. Because I feel, no matter from qualifications and record of service, from knowledge, still go up from contribution, I have the space that comparative with this title. Hear of us especially this by 3 people of choose in, having among them is the scholastic Lun Furu with famous England, I feel especially other and accident, anyhow, I am to cannot follow them these Great Master photographs are compared. I feel, I am granted this title, on certain level report gives Euramerican academia to us China takes seriously archaeologically, pass the effort of scholar of our China archaeology, make achievement of our a few research is taken seriously by understanding of foreign academia place, place. So, I feel, this ought to be its understanding a kind be progress of archaeological to China scope to approbate. Myself is gutty with reverence and awe feeling, I think, what I can do is the effort that passes me, advance China's archaeological development together with work in the same placing, make China archaeological be understood for international archaeology academia better, make Chinese archaeology scholar's due contribution for the world's archaeological development. As China archaeological achievement understands for world place widely more and more, the work in the same placing that I believe to still can have me, more outstanding than me China scholar obtains such honor. Visit America archaeology association presiding and magisterial right by honor academician express one's thanks to Make a speech in haing Buddha university on invitation This station reporter: Wang Suo is long, we understand, come nearly 10 years, filial piety of Yin Dynasty ruins of An Yang of palace of former the Western Zhou Dynasty of week of the city of palace of store of Henan cease division that you chair early or late, Shaanxi, Henan 3 great archaeology such as civilian collect disentomb project, all obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial, 3 disentomb obtained bureau of national cultural relic outstanding archaeology disentombs building site second-class or third class award. You take field archaeology seriously to disentomb very and field disentombs the position in archaeological research and action, we want to ask you to talk about your a few understanding and experience at this point.
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