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Interview of director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Soci
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Wang Suo is long: Take field archaeology seriously, emphasize its be in archaeological medium fundamental position and action, this should say is our China's archaeological good convention. I am in Jilin university history department archaeology major begins to learn archaeological. The inaugurator of the archaeology major of Jilin university -- the education that Zhang Zhongpei is born with to take pair of archaeology stratigraphy and archaeology typology seriously particularly first, notice to disentomb to student field archaeology especially the education of skill. Our archaeology institute is celebrated with taking field archaeology seriously more. The leader from the initial stage that establish institute -- Liang Saiyong, Mr Xia Nai begins, all previous leader pays attention to field archaeology to disentomb very quality. Understand according to me, this " pay attention to " have two meanings, one ensures namely of field archaeology disentomb quality; Another regards the important segment of the sex of a foundation that archaeology studies as field archaeology namely. Be investigated because of field archaeology and disentomb the work is original accumulate the content that containing research is in inside, it is general skill operation not just, see a scholar whether have the intense problem consciousness, clear mind and analysis, capacity that solves a problem however. Do you want what to problem solve through disentombing? How do you plan to organize and carry out field to disentomb around the task the job? Field disentombs itself can reflect the quality that gives a learned man and professional ability. When I remember just taking archaeology place in me, in those days the field report that every have going up one year first year after year also is in place. A year of meeting goes up, a gentleman comes up to be told disentomb it what obtained is good to what obtained, precious hangover is waited a moment, was interrupted by Xia Nai's director at that time. Summerly director says, do not tell this first, you tell you first this disentombs the team has what task, how disentombing is installed around the task, want to solve what problem, is not to say you come first present a treasure, this gentleman that does at that time is sweating. This issue left very deep impression to me, the person that to us these just took archaeology place a very clear signal, it is field disentombs must want to be installed around the task, must have specific academic target, make our working plan around this learning target, go carrying out next. After I take place at the beginning of 1982, be allocated team of Beijing of lab of trader week archaeology works. From 1982 spring to 1987 summer, the open country that became 6 years in city of capital of swallow of the Western Zhou Dynasty of river of coloured glaze of Beijing room hill and graveyard disentombs the job. At that time the header of Beijing team is Mr. Yan Weizhang, he clear-eyed, thinking is nimble, right the youth cares very much. In Beijing team, I from accepting at the beginning stricter disentomb training, I entered countries of pair of swallow of period of the Western Zhou Dynasty early or late of graveyard and capital disentomb. Disentomb through ours, for country of swallow of period of the Western Zhou Dynasty historical research provided very valuable data. Those a few years disentomb, the experience that makes me sufficient and deep-felt disentombs to field and ensure archaeology disentombs the extreme importance of quality. Arrived 1996 1998, I took a team to disentomb the Gong Cheng of cease division store; 2000, held the position of the leader of a sports team that Shaanxi week disentombs formerly; 2003 and 2004, I serve as the leader of a sports team, was in charge of relics of collect of filial piety civilian disentomb, disentombing this is the archaeology that the biggest, results abounds the dimensions that since founding a state, undertakes in Yin Dynasty ruins most disentombs, two years disentomb the area amounts to several square metre, shared more than 20 scholars and nearly 100 mechanic to attend to disentomb. This disentombs acquired group of expert of archaeology of bureau of national cultural relic of many expert reputably, obtained field archaeology second-class award. These a few disentomb gravely very important sense is had in working to study in the archaeology of trader week period, I can attend, can attend these disentombing as the leader of a sports team especially, feel very lucky. In Xia Shangzhou among the research of this archaeological phase, because historical literature is very few, should rely on to disentomb greatly the research that will be us provides a data, prehistoric research is more such, because do not have the account of document, the field of scientific standard disentombs appear more crucial, the quality that says field disentombs so decides your follow-up to study the quality of achievement directly, this is the first link that archaeology researchs, also be the link of fundamental sex. because of such, I and my archaeology institute work in the same placing are the link of the sex of a foundation that regards Chinese archaeological development as this. We also are emphasizing carrying all sorts of kind ceaselessly, the hope maintains our institute to value the tradition that field disentombs, also hope to be able to pass our earnestly practise what one advocates, accede this tradition go down.
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