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Freely of trader week archaeology talks -- collection of interview of Mr Zhang C
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Author: Shi Jinsong releases time: Provenance of 2007-11-21   article: Chinese archaeology net

1995 take a photo as a souvenir

Shi Jinsong: Mr Zhang hello. Very glad to can undertake such interviews to you. Because even if I am OK and direct the academic contribution that learns you from inside your composing and academic viewpoint, but the view that can hear a lot of you are right weighing to want academic issue inside so brief time, this is rare opportunity after all.
To a learning everybody, what people cares above all is their person experience and academic setting normally. Although this is query of an OK and ceaseless reduplicative, but the experience of every scholar is distinctive and rich however. To such a few experience, people has run-of-mill knowledge besides the hope outside, more but at getting from which it is very deep enlightenment even more very.

Mr Zhang: I writinged brush in Shanghai testament the middle school reads high school 1945. Small when study result is not bad, but the love when reading high school plays a ball game. Took an examination of testament writing university 1948, begin to learn maths, learned half an year to feel it is difficult to have, this ability by learn science department instead to learn the history. Still do not have in the school at that time archaeological, the missonary school is right western history teachs morer. The university turns to the swallow Beijing university of Beijing when 3 grade, change learn China modern history. There also is not too much document foundation at that time, begin to fill later, edge teaching reads by the side of the middle school. To archaeology place hind leaves open country, the condition is very difficult. If say I did a dot to work in the domain of archaeology, this majority is afield grow in the job rise, afield learns in the job and accumulate knowledge.

Shi Jinsong: It is simple in that way that this word that you say finally sounds, but it is archaeology of a few years disentombs however actually, the practice of research and think, containing too much content among them. You once were engaged in field archaeology for a long time, in the whole nation a lot of areas undertake archaeology is investigated and disentombing too. And myself, only frankly speaking a few too narrow field disentomb experience. Field of close all previous disentombs can get first-hand data from inside relics directly, can help the person that disentomb deepen the perceptual knowledge to material. But without doubt, divide this and outside field disentombs the research level of ancient to carrying the university entrance exam worker, education their ponder over ability to wait to still having deeper sense. You whether talk about the experience in this respect?

Mr Zhang: Be being carried out to field personally is very important, also be for the personal experience from oneself such. I ever had written the article that car of week of trader of a few research makes, can regard this as the example of the respect. I am the earliest was 1957 of car of bring into contact with. That is in Shaanxi Chang'an Zhang Jiapo disentombs, the Wang Baihong of archaeology group team leader at that time is disentombing car horse hole, wherefrom moment begins to learn hole of the horse that dig a car learn me. Disentomb by day, examine the document data about the car in the evening. There is a few to disentomb again after 1957 the opportunity of car horse hole, disentomb have a success, have local success, blamable also be defeated. But it is which kinds of circumstance no matter, oneself got experience, experience and recognition from which. When beginning to write the article that the car makes to me, already arrived 889 time. This also shows an issue, that is learning eager for quick success and instant benefit can not accomplish research. Also be thick on the research that I make in the car accumulate thin hair. Because this wants to have,accumulate, of practice, of document accumulate, return so that have a bit idea additionally. Mix to disentombing for instance hole of research car horse, can have a few kinds of ways. The first kind of practice is how bureau be confined to disentombs, disentomb what kind of report what kind of data, devoted to completely field practice. But this also is existing problem, because disentomb of the car vestigial it is to want little to come off come out, no matter much taller disentomb the car that the technology assures gouge hard also and original state a bit are not poor, more what is more,the rather that the change of chiliad of ligneous car course, go up plus the structure fold pressure, clear up original state very hard already. Know a wheel has how many spoke after all very hard for instance. Was in 1957 Zhang Jiapo, a wheel of best mechanic gouge has 21 spoke, but this whether withstand examine? The 2nd kind of practice is to rely on document completely. " take an examination of labour to write down " later the slue that studies the car is made, all sorts of graphs say. If be immersed in completely among them, this affirmation is no good. Because I study bronze ware, also notice to study the car Ma Qi of bronze, then the attention uses the bronze adornment on the car to study the structure of the car. This kind of research has a basis, for instance axle both ends has Wei, if do not have shift, can be informed an axis to grow the diameter that carries with the axis according to Wei. After collecting this kind of data, what may make to the car is certain and local recover from an illness piece quite accord with real measure. If press this kind of method to recover from an illness again each components of the car, wait for wheel, railroad car, Che Yuan, Che Heng each component conformity to rise, that can go all out close assemble to compare accord with practical car. This both neither is complete field of bureau be confined to disentombs, document of not complete also according to. Although final result is,spell those who close from different car, but because return whole without discovery vehicle at present, this kind of method is possible more accord with actual. Accordingly, when doing a thing, if you try to improve on the foundation of others, with a kind of new concept, achievement will be better. This specification should rely on field practice, 2 should lean thick accumulate thin hair, 3 should rely on new thinking and method, such ability may be broken through somewhat.
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