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Interview of Mr Tong Zhuchen is recorded
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Author: Guo Wu releases time: Provenance of 2007-08-30   article: Chinese archaeology net

Tong Zhuchen inspected stone implement in archaeology place office 1983

As a crackajack archaeologist, mr Tong Zhuchen is in the more than 60 archaeology career that carry, the career of cultural relic archaeology of Yu Zuguo of pour into of entire painstaking effort. He studies positive result rich and generously, advanced China greatly to archaeological course is built and develop, had become compose to build the precious fortune of Chinese archaeological hall. Mr Tong is obsessed with nearly to the passion of archaeology career and persistence, he is those who establish a body with reading this, learning studies be his life is all, he is the typical delegate of old generation intellectual. He is content with clean-fingered life, be able to bear or endure " doleful " , pursue one's studies of with great concentration, stand aloof from the worldly affairs. His perseverance exceeds constant, assiduous and outstanding, research of ground of work with perseverance and writing. He is enmeshed in the boundless fun that learning studies everyday, never of character pursue one's studies as dry as a chip with hardships. Goodness of Mr Tong humanness, just, straight-out, he is condescending and rigorous, clement need a person, his character charm was affected a lot of in young scholar. To each what ask for advice to him is medium young scholar, ardently bend is helped with all one's strength, equal photograph is waited for, he gets to the moral character of student be tireless in teaching the respect of academia. He seeks truth of learning of perfect, pursuit indefatigably from beginning to end, struggle for ideal not to cease, the model that after can says, learns.
During building a courtyard 30 years at the the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, we had a special report to Mr Tong Zhuchen.
Guo Wu (Guo of the following abbreviation) : Mr Tong, hello! Be honoured to chat with you very much, thank what you can accept me to interview above all! In the learned man that pursues archaeology job in China, road of your grow into useful timber is very distinctive. Inchoate it is self-study grow into useful timber, later is learn to a lot of elder. Your research involves Chinese northeast a lot of great learning tasks in the domain such as archaeology of region of nation of border area of archaeology of area archaeology, Chinese The Neo-lithic Age, China, in civilization of archaeological theory and method, China origin and inchoate country form the research that waits for forward position task in, you put forward a lot of is full of to initiate incisive opinion of the gender. In bound of archaeology article rich, my discovery resembles you such, the wide, content that sortie studies the times span of the domain is such is such heft of achievement of rich, research is such massiness, contribution is such scholastic dispute constant infrequent. This lets me remember Gong Zizhen's line: "I persuade the ruler of heaven to enliven again, not stick to one pattern falls talent. " if why finish so so much, good research to work below such setting are if why finish so so much, good research to work below such setting,you?
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