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14 time learn Chinese carbon only then the person that achieve- - Chou Shihua
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Author: Zhang Xuelian releases time: Provenance of 2008-04-01   article: Chinese archaeology net

Opening ministry of call together of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences established plenary session on August 3, 2006, as our country carbon 14 measure year certificate of the member that inaugurator Mr Chou Shihua was on rostrum to accept the honor that learns a ministry to award him to learn ministries and commissions. This is a brilliant hour, and this momently brilliant agglomerate is Chou Laoyi is unripe struggle... .

Zhang Xuelian: Enemy gentleman, hello. The member that according to us company division courtyard learns ministries and commissions about scholar of the youth in select and my courtyard has interview activity, will disentomb, rescue, protection my courtyard old generation is outstanding scholastic learning elite, promote social science the requirement of humanitarian spirit, I am taken on to cover the work to yours by select as your doctoral student, outside undertaking scientific research is inside scientific research of this kind of since discuss feel to have mission feeling very much, also feel special honor at the same time.

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14 time learn the first carbon of Chinese lab

Zhang Xuelian: Going up century 40 time end at the beginning of 50 time, american scientist Libby built carbon 14 measure year of method. After law of this one party is built get very quickly applied in the west. Gentleman of summer of our country famous archaeologist aing big tripod in those days Ceng Yuan makes western learned man to carbon 14 measure year make the opposite time change on prehistoric archaeology gives from this for absolutely time archaeological of brought influence big, be known as is archaeological revolution. But be in our country, in those days this respect is blank however. In international the prehistoric of the China on this large stage is archaeological should have position, must want to have the support that 14 time learn carbon, this also is meant, in this domain the Chinese is facing a challenge, the challenge on science. And enemy gentleman, as the first person that introduces this revolution China by the west, in those days you are how to come to archaeology institute by Atomic Energy Research Establishment, studied what will research meet this challenge to change carbon to 14 time by nuclear energy?

Chou Shihua: After I and precious of madam Cai lotus fastened graduation from Fudan University physics 1955, be allocated together the Chinese Academy of Sciences is high-energy physical place (place of former latter-day physics) . This is an institute that pursues research of nuclear energy background science, hold the post of a strong point by Mr Qian Sanjiang, a batch of abroad study abroad the scientist that come back, hold the position of each lab director and task controller, guide young scholar to do research work. Mr Yang Chengzong comes back from French Courier lab namely, the famous scientist that respects, hold the position of the 5th (radiative chemistry) lab director. After we take place, allocate in the 2nd lab, the job attends by the side of groom class visit a class. Appeal youth marched to science 1956, preoccupied of one mind throws our nature in the job and study. Who knows good times don't last long, chun Xiazhi handed in mutation of wind and cloud 1957, a thunder from the clear sky, our in pairs is delimited be right-wing, teachers special feel terribly worried, but also be willing to help but unable to do so. Be worked by transfer to a lower level before long, changed our destiny from now on. Doing not have those who think of is, in this the moment of truth, the care that Mr Yang stems from pair of youths and the enthusiastic, faithfulness to scientific career, mr Xia Nai that archaeology institute assistant director holds the post of when we are recommended. They are friendly neighbor at that time, contact is intimate. Original summer gentleman is in early with respect to the appeal home builds carbon 14 measure year of lab, but suffer from does not have a condition, more cannot find appropriate person selected. Mr Yang ever also wanted to build this project in physical place, it is a platoon of course do not go up team. As it happens, summerly gentleman takes the opportunity, call-over to Qian Sanjiang's director VIP, say: Your job is confidential the gender is strong, cannot use, our archaeology job is not confidential, can use. Then, we moved archaeology place.
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