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Archaeology of relics of palace of room of A of the Qin Dynasty reachs the enlig
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Author: Liu Qingzhu releases time: Provenance of 2008-01-03   article: Chinese archaeology net

Coping of wall of north of the hall before Mr Liu Qingzhu inspects A room palace protects made of baked clay collapse to pile up

Reporter: Mr Liu, its history is being reached to A room palace in the historical literature that is in our country excuse me is how be described and of account, today's academia is having what kind of knowledge to it.
Mr Liu: Emperor imperial tomb, Great Wall mixes A room palace, Qin Shi to continuously, by what the historian calls Qin Shi emperor " 4 big projects " , among them especially A room palace more attention of past dynasties historian, writer, politician place.
About Qin Afang the historical literature account of palace is mixed the classic work number on literary history is not little. "Shi Sheng " minister change " history mark this period of emperor of • Qin Shi " account: "Before hall A room, thing 500 paces, north and south 50 a unit of length, 10 thousand people can take on, standard of 5 a unit of length can be proposed below. Zhoushi is cabinet to, touch continuously from highness south hill. The bump of the hill austral the watch thinks fault. For answer path, from A Fang Duwei, the Xian Yang that belong to with resembling celestial pole cabinet absolutely Chinese the room that reach camp also. " the Gu Shan that serves as a politician, the Qin Afang palace when studying random way talks in its and Chinese article emperor, already was " A Fang Zhidian, the hall is tall tens of an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, thing 5 lis, north and south 1000 paces, from Che Luoqi, 4 horses duck gallop, banners and flags not oar. Of the room that it is palace beautiful as to this, make its later ages ever must not get together cottage and 讬 is in Yan. " (" Gu Shan of Chinese book • is passed " ) ever since, of period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties " 3 complementary Huang Tu " in, the dimensions of A room palace expands further, its carry A room a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale " compasses extensive more than 300 lis. From palace annexe, cover hill crosses cereal, photograph of path of a man-drawn carriage used in ancient times is belonged to, cabinet path connects black horse hill more than 80 lis. The bump of the hill austral the watch thinks fault, fan Chuan of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy thinks pool. " not only such, the palace door of A room palace is " it is bridge with lily magnolia, it is the door with magnetite. Magnetite door, faulting door of north of room you A also. The door is before A room, all does it with magnetite, reason only its look, ling Siyi toward person, armour having hidden from view conceives blade, introduction and 脋 stops, in order to show a spirit, yi Yue is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad however the door. " (famous Li Daoyuan " water classics is noted " also have basic and same account) arrived Du Mu of Tang Dynasty old writer " A Fang Gongfu " medium A room palace is more " Sichuan Shan Wu, a room goes out. Fu presses more than 300 lis, keep apart light. Compose of north of black horse hill and fold on the west, connect Xian Yang continuously. 2 plain dissolve, flow into Gong Qiang. 5 paces first floor, 10 Bu Yige. Corridor waist overflows 迴 , zhan tooth tall carve. Each hold relief in the arms, intrigue against each other. Pan Panyan, apiary water eddy, stand tall and upright not to know its a few ten million fall. Stand tall and upright not to know its a few ten million fall..
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