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Du Jinpeng interview
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Author: Wang Zheng releases time: Provenance of 2008-09-08   article: Chinese archaeology net

On September 5 morning, this station reporter interviews bequest of archaeology place culture to protect research center director Mr Du Jinpeng, prevent the working case that the gentleman introduced a center to the reporter, and the program that develops to central future. It is this second interview memoir below.

Reporter: Prevent director, there are each to study ministry room is medium in archaeology place, research center of culture bequest protection establishs the latest, ask you to introduce a few conditions that the center establishs.
Du Jinpeng: Culture bequest protects a research center to once was called big relics to protect a research center, had established before a few years, liu Qingzhu's director holds the position of central director at that time, wang Wei (when hold the post of archaeology institute assistant director, show archaeology institute director) with me it is a vice director, to be not orgnaization of hypostatic scientific research. Last year the beginning of the year, via approval of company division courtyard, just hold water formally. Before holding water formally we had done a few works, among them the most important include to suffer cultural relic bureau to entrust recommend " 100 big relics of countrywide " , design academy collaboration to write protective outline with Chinese building. We basically are in charge of value of archaeology data analysis, relics evaluating, archaeology job plans to make wait for the job. This also is to develop us to work in archaeology scientific research the advantage of the respect, driving big relics to protect a respect, for cultural relic director branch offerred certain learning to support. After this still participated in what a series of big relics protection plan to make, include cease division store of division of 2 within, cease, Tang Changan city is big the relics such as city of Luoyang of city of reason of Luoyang of bright palace, Hanwei, Sui Tang, and a few relics show plan make.

Reporter: From " big relics protects a research center " to " culture bequest protects a research center " , what kind of fixed position and the change that develop way does the backside that changes in the name have to think?
Du Jinpeng: What this reflected range of a research is patulous. "Big relics " although the concept still remains clean up, but it includes relics of one part archaeology only for certain. At the outset idea, it is the advantage that produces us, pure the archaeology that does relics works. Later, discover this range is too narrow, do big relics only, cannot reflect us to regard national level scientific research as the action of the unit in the round, affirmative need breaks through this category. On the other hand, we have the idea of a further progress, we should be driven build bequest of culture of form of a courtyard to protect a center, courtyard of integrated company division the advantage of a lot of course, include literature, history, nation to learn, the character learns, economics, religion learns, sociology is waited a moment, corporeal culture bequest and research of immaterial culture bequest, include amid. So pure say for " big relics protects a research center " be no good apparently. Call " center " , asymmetry is " lab " , we should do open type, it is platform of a scientific research actually, our look is facing the whole nation is to face international even. We assume a task is not to rely on this central personnel to do only, we have the effect of a harmonious, organization only. We had turned the task to the whole nation now, we can induct all circles each course protects the talented person with this useful course to culture bequest, will complete the work of this respect jointly. We call culture bequest to protect a research center, not only want to protect, study even, this is distinction at general and dinkum technical protective branch, must make great efforts in research respect.
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