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2005 the 2nd period catalog and abstract
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Author: Archaeological newspaper releases time: Provenance of 2005-04-12   article: Archaeology journal

Talk southwest slightly the headstream of canister of the inchoate ear that average a copy and its a group of things with common features belong to a problem

Xie Chongan
(institute of Guangxi nation institute, nanning, 530006)

Area of antediluvian China southwest ministry ever flowed to pass grave of a kind of big stone and sarcophagus bury culture all right, to its culture headstream, in installment division of history into periods, a group of things with common features belong to wait for a problem, academia all through the ages is put in more difference. The article is farther from its main culture feature- - crockery of canister of flat bottom ear group analytic proceed with, point out its are typical implement substantially is to distributing in Min river upper reaches, plain on the west, northwest of Zang Dong, another name for Yunnan Province and plain Chi Yixi of southwest, another name for Yunnan Province- - the area to the south of Er sea. Their greater part is a proud stone grave and sarcophagus grave, the earthy hole grave with later time of a few out, bricky stone grave and bricky room grave. Its are in Yunnan area is to coexist in earthy hole grave and sarcophagus grave. Through be opposite all sorts of implement kind made a kind, in installment after the integrated research of division of history into periods and its headstream, can decide these binaural canister crockery group it is northwest nomadic ceaseless south the product that change place brings, its time upper limit comes early the Xia Shang of Central Plains during, reach as ethical confluence later Chinese the dynasty is multivariate of pattern of an organic whole form, these immigrant are given priority to by pasturage transform to resident agriculture lifestyle gradually, the canister of the inchoate ear that average a copy of southwest just tends disappeared, period of the Eastern Han Dynasty is its popular time lower limit.
These binaural canister can distinguish roughly 5 main types, every model can distinguish again for a certain number of inferior model, a certain number of type, represented different spatio-temporal evolution concern respectively. Their ancestor model with likeness model, type, can save a bank from the guest of northwest area mostly 2 period culture of culture, the Qijia culture, 4 shellfish, Kayaowen is changed its culture origin is found to concern in Zhu Weicun.
From southwest the culture headstream of canister of the inchoate ear that average a copy and its place mirror a group of things with common features belong to a relation, can relatively observe clearly, begin from bronze ware times of China, as a result is inchoate ironware times, because civilized collision reachs the acceleration of its process, china western the migratory sea that already lifted on ethical history another as one falls is wet, qiang of northwest an ancient nationality in China is a nation is ceaseless south change, solid a when comprised archaic China southwest nation and its culture main source.
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