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2005 the 3rd period catalog and abstract
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The area feature of industry of copper of inchoate smelt metal reachs northwest and Central Plains interact

Li Shui city

(Beijing University takes an examination of institute of ancient prose rich, beijing 100871)

Chinese churchyard discovers " inchoate bronze ware " basically center in two area, one is in northwest area (Gansu Province, Qinghai and Xinjiang) , discover implements 1000 above. Another is in Central Plains area (the He Yuxi austral advance) , discover 200 implements. The inchoate bronze ware of northwest area maintains for a long time give priority to in order to make enginery, tool and decoration, continue Shi Fan and forge make a technology, its alloy craft is forbidden show different area trait. Corridor of the westing that be like a river, Xinjiang area is red metal, arsenic copper, bronze, river Huang area is red metal, bronze. Cong Longshan of Central Plains area is terminal, 2 within are inchoate also be give priority to with small tool, enginery, adornment is scarce. Alloy craft receives development to arrive from red metal bronze, about from 2 within 2 period begin to appear slimy model technology, this is in the future of sacrificial vessel of bronze of the Huanghe valley cast the development with bronze craft to lay foundation. Anyhow, the communication of tradition of configuration of the difference that northwest and Central Plains exist on metallurgy and the resource of mine smelt metal that are in area severally, economy, culture and thing culture concern with have particular. From BC 3000 only then, the communication between the west is strengthened gradually east. BC 2000 around, china was formed with river westing corridor, Xinjiang and in inferior border, existing with the outside since early interact, pass into a few advanced metallurgy technologies river Huang area, then is right the action of exert a subtle influence on of inflict of Central Plains area.

Central Plains area starts to the exploration of metallurgy earlier, but progress is slow, BC after 2000, as western strengthen with what culture of Central Plains area interacts, the progress of metallurgy of 2 within period was quickened on certain level, the immediate consequence with its interactive culture was to bring about have the color of distinctive Yellow River civilization, metallurgy technology that develop to be in finally 2 within culture is terminal be able to form.
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