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2005 the 4th period catalog and abstract
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The production since period of Qin Han of the Warring States and management

Hong Shi
(institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing, 100710)

Of lacquer of period of Qin Han of the Warring States produce as wide as administrative Qing Dynasty in document account is very little, the Warring States is terminal to Chinese generation, brand character sees wait more quite on lacquer, to studying the management of this one period the circumstance provided valuable data. Period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty has existed to create the handicraft industry department of lacquer technically, call wooden embryo lacquer at that time " carpentry Xiu person " , lacquer of embryo weighing cloth is " lay aside implement " , the lacquer that says to bullion copper is buckled is " buckle implement " .
The production of lacquer of Qin Han period and management basically divide the Warring States to be mixed for government-owned battalion civilian battalion two parts, also have jointly owned of fair, illicit. Among them government-owned battalion lacquer ends the place all sets manufacturing branch from which, basically have Sichuan county labour takes an examination of labour, An Hanjun on the west, one's deceased father labour, produce seat of government of booth of branch, city, city, countryside to wait for home of labour, Hou.
Labour, An Hanjun labour takes an examination of Sichuan county on the west, the management that studies production of the labour, lacquer that lay worker worker is most rigorous, supply and demand is most complex, produces lacquer (the bullion that is for use of an emperor more is buckled implement) most elegant. Sichuan, An Hanjun is versed in the official is set " long " , "Long " fall to still be set " assist " , " the soldier that protect worker worker history " , " Yuan " , " your history " , " miserly husband " reach " assist " etc, each doing his own job, in inscriptive in all order by the official from arrive high low listed. Sichuan, An Hanjun makes the craftsman of lacquer in industry official, differ by type of work, cent is " element is versed in " , " Xiu is versed in " , " on (lacquer) labour " , " yellow Tu Gong " , " the picture is versed in " , " red is versed in " , " clear labour " , " make work " . The particular case that among them some of working procedure basis makes lacquer and somewhat default.
This one period the product of mill of civilian battalion lacquer, quality is poorer than government-owned battalion lacquer, but come up out of land the amount is more. Civilian battalion lacquer produces the strict government that also gets feudal official possibly.

Image of buddhism of period of advance of Chinese outback Chinese takes an examination of analyse

Li Zhengxiao
(division of the science of history of art of archaeology of officer of university of Korea East Asia, korea boiler hill, 604­ , 714)

Period of ground Chinese advance concerns the archaeology discovery of Buddhist image inside China, main concentration is in area of North Jiangsu, Lu Na, and Sichuan ground and Changjiang Delta. The Buddhist image of Chinese advance period becomes the forerunner of image of culture of Chinese ground religion almost. The Eastern Jin dynasty 16 countries period and this is different, xuan Fo is confluent, buddha road picture falls off gradually from, the meaning of each image is more bright. The article offers a few representative conclusion, if be analysed by document, appear in document account " Huang Laofu massacre " " surplus figure father " wait for formulation and phase, the Buddha image fingerprint of this and Chinese advance period has certain metabolic law; As a result of Buddha image and on the west of king mother image mix with wait for a circumstance, inchoate Buddha image develops incline to to be: Shandong area with Chinese for you much, area of another name for Hubei province is with the the Three Kingdoms much, jiang Zhe two areas are to the Western Jin Dynasty with the the Three Kingdoms much. Area of Sichuan, Shandong resembles giving priority to with the view of phase of massacre of yellow old float, the others area is decided with the buddhist of phase of surplus figure father resemble giving priority to; Look from Buddha image, the view of phase of massacre of yellow old float resembles resembling having very big difference surely with the buddhist of phase of float massacre father, it is to press place of different image calligraphy or painting model to make; The transmission of ground of Buddhist Xiang Han. Inchoate to China Buddhist image and pertinent question do this paper to be analysed systematically with research, strive the situation with punch-drunk image of inchoate buddhism of clean up China, solve a few academia to have not study clear issue.
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