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2006 1 period content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2006-02-14   article: Chinese archaeology net

Graveyard analyses Wang Yin

Wang Fen

(institute of archaeology of Shandong university east, jinan city, 250100)

Yan city king discovers because of graveyard culture of mouth of 899 big short of Wenshui River is inchoate the grave of level, this provides rich data to analyse the society at that time to develop a condition. In graveyard in installment on the foundation, undertake discussing to the layout of graveyard and dimensional structure first. From whole get together fall layout, bury means, taste those who wait for a respect to inspect burial ground to fashion a process along with bury. Form the understanding that waits for a respect through nature of population amount, population the population at that time and organism construction issue, get together fall, grave area, grave group, configuration of grave of this 4 class represented grave group respectively 4 class organism structure, if study with what the nation learns conclusion contrasts, can mix further afterbirth a group of things with common features, clannish, familial with enlarge large family photograph is contacted. King because graveyard represented to replace interior of period, society at new old acquaintance red-blooded the society of plump archaic basic level with the human relations in society that has harmony.

Xin Mang seals buddhist jade an official document or note to consider

Feng Shi

(Institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing, 100710)

Sealing buddhist is the grand ceremony that monarch of Chinese ancient time has the world to state its recieve orders and holds. Seal day of ceremony hold a memorial ceremony for, ground of buddhist ceremony hold a memorial ceremony for. " pipe " head monarch of character past dynasties seals buddhist thing, of times of its ceremony origin early see one spot. To light of emperor of Qin Shi emperor, Chinese fierce, the Eastern Han Dynasty Wu Di, Tang Gaozong, Wu Zetian, Tang Xuan Zong Hesong Zhen Zonghang Feng Chanli, its are made perfect gradually. Archaic monarch seals buddhist at fleabane hill except Wu Zetian outside, the others all seals buddhist at the father-in-law.
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