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2006 2 period content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2006-11-17   article: Chinese archaeology net

Chinese home raises buffalo origin pre-test
Liu Li
(Australia is national university of the cloth that pull Hunan)
Yang Dongya
(university of Fei Leize of Canadian Simon • )
Chen Xingcan
(institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing 100710)

The holy buffalo that from 20 centuries 30 time install in relief Yin Dynasty ruins to discover (B. Mephistopheles Hopwood) since the home that be by speculation raises buffalo, our country academia thinks Chinese home raises buffalo all the time (Bubalus Bubalis) be native land origin; The archaeology discovery that Mu of 70 time river crosses is more strong turned this kind of recognition, most scholar and think buffalo and rice farming are inseparable, but the origin that our country home raises buffalo not very clear. Be based on this kind of consideration, article author takes the step that much discipline photograph combines, inspected our country churchyard to arrive from Pleistocene brand-new all buffalo remains that the world comes up out of land. According to all sorts of data that from archaeological, animal test of archaeological, DNA, history and ethnography earning go to, the development with arrogant to feral water ancient time of the evolution that the article discussed buffalo, China is used and of feral buffalo eradicate the problem such as the origin that reachs China to give birth to the home to raise buffalo now. Our preliminary conclusion is, all Chinese mainland buffalo (include long-term since the holy buffalo that is considered as the home to raise buffalo) all be feral, the home raises buffalo probable it is BC the first 1000 discipline introduce from South Asia. The buffalo of Chinese south plows agrarian technology to just be in what period early years just begins thousandth of the Christian era probably, and this is probable it is the influence be caused by that is plowed a technology by northward ox Tie Li. The progress of technology of production of the happening of the related to buffalo technology in considering to also make agriculture to inspect paddy originally, development and transmission, agriculture and complex society appear the culture between the delicate concern between and China and southeast Asia and South Asia is interactive provided clue. Study the project is the first situation that discusses buffalo evolution and domestication merely originally, the DNA test of nearly one pace and skeletal configuration analysis will conduce to us understanding wild buffalo of Chinese ancient time and introduced home to raise whether has gene exchange produced between buffalo.

Channel of bottom of temple of ministry of cc of advance southwest comfort 2 period - of culture of Long Shan era in installment with pedigree

Han builds line of business
(courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of practical writing of Beijing combination university, beijing 100083)
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