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2006 4 period content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2006-11-17   article: Chinese archaeology net

Egg form earthen jar studies

Jing Zhongwei

(research center of archaeology of Jilin university border area, changchun 130012)

According to archaeology typology method, egg form earthen jar can distribute copy of peace of the bottom that it is zhuan3huan2 two kinds big. Among them latter amount is less, and former discovery the amount is more, and differ to be able to be divided again according to integral formative for 12 model. Times of Yu Longshan of generation of egg form earthen jar is terminal (make an appointment with 2300B.C. ) , till age inchoate (make an appointment with 600B.C. ) just disappear gradually, in all all previous evolves into level via 4 development: Dragon hill times is terminal to summerly generation acting metaphase of inchoate, summer takes the place of to business generation of inchoate, business is terminal to the Western Zhou Dynasty first year, the Western Zhou Dynasty is inchoate to age inchoate.

Be in in installment on the foundation, can differentiate the distributinging limits of egg form earthen jar for 5 large areas, mix south two sides of the Yellow River between short for Shaanxi Province of the south in Inner Mongolia, advance, Jin Zhongna, Yu Beiji namely area of the central Shaanxi plain. Times of hill of dragon of the area in passing the south in comparing Inner Mongolia, North Shaanxi and advance is early medium-term contented earthen jar, we think egg form earthen jar is probable the area in traceable advance, earthen jar of grain of the basket end the zhuan3huan2 of this area is its ancestor model. From development, dynamic angle, we figure the disseminate process of earthen jar of form of early terminal egg may allude the flow of archaic crowd.

Egg form earthen jar basically has 3 kinds of use: Fill store implement, bury of earthen jar coffin is provided and grave is tasted along with bury. They are accompanying distributinging process and produce change, move toward die out finally. In the meantime, the article still discussed the matter of die out of earthen jar of form of different area egg.
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