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2006 3 period content abstract
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Author: Release time: Provenance of 2006-11-17   article: Chinese archaeology net

The social configuration change that the archaeology that form of layout of relics of capital of Chinese ancient time makes discovers to place is mirrorred studies

Liu Qingzhu

(Institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, beijing 100710)

Archaeology worker comes through nearly 70 years indefatigable effort, through exploration of archaeology of relics of capital of Chinese ancient time, disentomb, obtained positive result of learning of plentiful and substantial, make to the layout form of many archaic capital relics had more, more intimate knowledge. Archaeology disentombs, research explains, archaic capital appears is form what agree with kingdom. The capital of regnal times, be from " nation state " of the times " city " develop and come, and " nation state " of the times " city " it is from prehistoric age get together to shave one's head to be a monk or nun is exhibited and come. "Nation state " of the times " city " it is commonly " only city is made " " city " , this kind " city " is to have offspring essentially " Gong Cheng " property; The capital of regnal times is commonly " twin city is made " , they include Guo Cheng (namely " big city " ) with Gong Cheng (namely " small town " ) , gong Cheng is politics platform of the royal family, guo Cheng is the space that arrangement serves all sorts of relevant establishment at the royal family and personnel; The capital of Caesarean times is commonly " 3 cities are made " , they include outside Guo Cheng, inside city (or say " emperor city " ) with Gong Cheng, at this moment the politics platform that Gong Cheng is royalty, inside city (or city weighing emperor) basically be seat of orgnaization of centralized state government and ancestral temple, the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state, royal fane. From " only city is made " to " twin city is made " , arrive again " 3 cities are made " , they mirrorred the history of social configuration to develop change commonly, but because the politics of social configuration develops change and corporeal culture (or archaeological culture) development change both is not synchronism, generally speaking latter is relatively former and character is existing apparent " lag sex " .

The palace of archaic capital and ancestral temple are built, it is to be represented respectively " ground fringe politics " group and " consanguineous politics " group, the layout form with not contemporaneous both is made, the change such as distributinging position, mirrorred commonly " ground fringe politics " with " consanguineous politics " the growth and decline of force, protruding reveals the respective characteristic of different society configuration.
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