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2007 4 period catalog and content abstract
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Change east archaeological culture studies period of area trader week... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Pu 盉 is inscriptive fill commentate with talk 覜 again (頫 ) betrothal gift... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Acting grotto statue studies An Yuantang in installment... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Retail sales of Hubei province season laughs at city town location to disentomb report... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... institute of archaeology of Hubei province cultural relic
Xinjiang and cropland district plan strap a county to amount to relics of temple of Ma channel Buddha to disentomb report... team of archaeology of Xinjiang of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Content abstract

Change east archaeological culture studies period of area trader week
Jiang Zhanghua

Change of this article basis east period of area trader week the culture appearance of each relics, area cent is Jiang Yudong east, on the west two areas.
period of week of business of change thing division archaeological culture cent is 3 period 10 paragraphs. First phase culture belongs to SamSung to pile culture, time is become about culture of Yin Dynasty ruins one, 2 period the left and right sides. 2 period the 12 bridges culture of culture and Chengdu Campagna ten split phase are close, time takes the place of when business about terminal to the Western Zhou Dynasty inchoate left and right sides. 3 period culture is back-to-back 2 period culture develops and come, time comes when metaphase of the Western Zhou Dynasty about the Warring States.
Will east area crockery cent is armour, second, third 3 groups. Jia Quntao implement near Yu Exi area " censer rock culture " , time may be in period of superstratum of 2 lis of ridge. Second group crockery and on the west of the area 2, 3 period the archaeological culture that culture belongs to same quality, time comes when metaphase of the Western Zhou Dynasty about age early, metaphase during. Third group crockery changes hangover for typical Chu Wen, time is in about age early, metaphase during to age terminal.
Form finally the abecedarian knew at 6 o'clock:
The SamSung of article melt into of the first phase piles area of 1. change thing culture; Among the 2nd phase 2 period culture, agree of 12 bridges culture with posture of level culture face with Chengdu Campagna. From the 3rd period culture begins, appear by a large number of zhuan3huan2 implement, make the culture of this one period and Chengdu Campagna while period culture presents a certain difference.
Area of 2. change thing is archaeological the climax period that culture has had change twice to trader week from prehistoric: It is the changes that culture of chirp canopy mouth piles culture to SamSung for the first time; It is SamSung caboodle culture the 2nd the changes to 12 bridges culture. Enter period of the 2nd phase, namely business generation is terminal to period of the Warring States, include change thing division inside the development period that the archaeological culture of whole Sichuan basin entered a relative stability, the changes of its culture appears the course that gives gradual progress of a kind of gradual change.
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